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It's been a good week.

We've have made some real progress with our planning and preparations this week.

Our Visa Applications and Nurses Registrations have been submitted - this is a huge weight off our shoulders.

Saskia's leave has been approved and a suitable replacement has been identifed. Now we just have to do all the paper work. This has been weighing heavily on Sas and it's great to know her work here will continue and that she will have a job to come back to.

Rob found some Travel Insurance just under $2K....yeah.

We've been notified that we will have a house to live in at Murgwanza !!!

This week we made our support raising DVD and have begun speaking at various events to raise support and awareness about what we are doing next year.

We had dinner last weekend with some past short term missionaries to Murgwanza. It was great to gain some more insight about what lies ahead, although I think nothing will really prepare us. They were also able to pass on some information about the Region of Kagera in which Murgwanza lies and some hospital and nursing school stats and figures.

We have one more week of work then we will have two weeks 'off' to plough through some more planning and preparations. In the middle of this two weeks we will attend the MIST weekend in Penrith - a missions training weekend for short term missionaries. At the end of the two weeks is our Spring Market for Africa - our major fundraising event. We hope you will all come.

Thats it for tonight, I'm tired.


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