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It has been great to be in partnership with CMS as we prepare for mission work. They have been very helpful in finding the best location for us to serve with the gifts and talents God has blessed us with and with visa and registration applications.
I might share a bit about the process: For the CMS volunteers program, first we had an initial interview with the short term missions co-ordinator, Judy Kay. It was lovely (we knew Judy from way back anyway). Then we met with Faith Blake, the mission personnel secretary who we had lengthy discussions with about where we might best serve etc. Following that we filled out applications and paid a bit of cash to apply and allow the process to continue. We had to fill in a lifestyle survey each then we had to have individual interviews to discuss the lifestyle survey. Then we had individual interviews with different CMS representatives. A joint interview then followed. They were all good to do and we met lovely people in the process. We did the perspectives course which is a 12 week course on The World Christian Movement. This was facilitated by Jo and Perry and was a great insight into God's ultimate plan and the world Christian movement - I can recommend it for all to do no matter what your circumstances. We are also just about to do the MIST course which stands for Missions Interlink Short-term Training. This is a 3 full day course and we are excited about going.
Any way, I hope this may help others in understanding the process. I can fully recommend CMS as a sending organisation.

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