November already and still so much to do. We have started our regime of vaccines. We didn't quite tell the boys where we were going a couple of weekends ago - just that we had to go to a 'meeting' about Africa. We got the usuall questions: Will there be other kids? Will we have to sit down and listen to someone talk? How long will it take? Once we arrived in Parramatta we had to fess up that we were actually going for needles, or 'noodles' as Oli affectionately calls them. After much hype they all did very well, only to learn this was only visit 1 or 3. The boys (all 4) have had 2 visits and Sas is struggling to keep up, having suffered some unwanted side effects.

Our plane tickets and itinaries should arrive tomorrow by express post. Rob has booked our accomadation in Dar and Dodoma and we sold the Tribeca. Sas has been packing more boxes and only has 4 weeks left of work. We still need a tenant but are hopeful we may have found one. 

Support Raising Dinner on the 13th November, then Garage Sale on the 20th, then the packing up gets serious.

We finally spoke to the Kleins and they have given us some tips on what will be useful to bring for example potato peelers and washing up brushes (who would have thought these everyday items would not be available in Tanzania).

God has been faithful and contiunes to provide for us. We are reminded everyday to trust in Him.


Time Difference

The real measure of our wealth is how much we'd be worth if we lost all our money~

J.H. Howett
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