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Last night we had our Dinner for Africa at St Philips to raise support and awareness about our plans for next year. It was a great night of sharing how God has worked in our lives so far this year and His vision for us next year. It was encouraging to see the support we have from church and our family and friends. Thanks so much to the Layson's for all your hard work and planning.

We've had some progress in our planning. We have sold our car and found a tennant for our house. These two things are a huge answer to prayer. We are 2 visits out of 3 with our vaccinations. The boys will complete their course this weekend and me the week after. Next will be malaria tablets...we will take malaria preventers for our inward journey and probably the first month or so. In Murgwanza we are at an altitude of about 2000 metres so should not need to be taking prevenatives all year. Rob and I also finalised our wills this week, hopefully they won't  be required!

We have had good communication with the Kleins and they have suggested some things that would be useful to take. Rob and Nigel have been talking much technical internet and mobile communication business. They have also informed us that unfortunately the university trained teacher that was to return to NAPS next year as the Principal is now not returning. They have decided to full time home school their girls next year. This of course has raised my anxieties again about the boys schooling. The boys however are keen to go to school so we will give it a try and do some homeschooling as well.

It was good to chat further with Helen and Raymond who have been to Murgwanza many times and Belinda who spent two years there recently. We also had dinner last weekend with Lisa who was there as a physio some 15 years ago. All these people obviously have a real heart for Murgwanza and the people there and we are looking forward to sharing our time there with them on our return.

Practically we are still packing. Our tenant is happy to keep some of our bigger heavier furniture (including the piano). This will make our storage issues a little easier. We found a suitcase on the side of the road yesterday that was out for council cleanup and it is perfect for our needs next year - the Lord once again has provided.

Rob still needs to find a replacement for his job. He is getting a little stressed at not being able to hand over properly. He is also getting anxious about our arrival in Dar and the logistics of collecting our car and buying the things we need to buy before our big drive north.

Next Saturday is our Garage Sale 1A Myall Rd Mt Colah 8am -1pm. Come by and say g'day and you might just grab a bargain. This is our last fundraising event and opportunity to cull the stuff we don't need. We are happy to take any item donations if you want to have a Spring Clean as well.

Till next time...



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