Dar es Salaam

Habari, we have made it to Dar Es Salaam, it is crazy and hot.
Praise God for Rob’s friend Gershom who met us at the airport and has acted as guide, translator and negotiator for the past two days while we have been getting sorted. Rob and Gershom went out and got the car on Wednesday, got it insured, serviced and new tyres and the fluffy dice are now safely in-situ ready for the next leg. Sas stayed back at the accommodation with the boys and struggled through the heat and trying to keep the boys entertained and awake, despite battling jet lag.

Today, Thursday we are all feeling a bit better - our body clocks are adjusting. We all set out in the SURF  (4 in the back seat) to get more credit for our phones and a SIM so we can have internet. We hit the city centre of Dar, crazy crazy busy. The boys were particularly amused by the street seller’s trying to sell us anything and everything through the car windows. The traffic in Dar was sooo busy and chaotic - Rob did very well.

Now about the visa’s - I know you all want to know. We got to Dar airport with still no residency permits so got ourselves temporary visas for 250 USD. We called MAF on Wed morning and they said they would get back to us. We called MAF on Wed afternoon and they said they would call us back. We called MAF on Thursday morning and they said they would call back……so we braved the city with our super guide Gershom and we finally made it to the MAF office to chase our visa’s which we kept being told ‘maybe tomorrow!!’ So now it appears we can go on to Ngara and they will courier the appropriate papers once they are signed by the one and only person in immigration who is able to sign them. Then we take that paper and our passports to Ngara and get them stamped. So tomorrow (Friday am) we will leave Dar and head to Dodoma for a couple of nights then on to Murgwanza. It’s been stressful and hot and tiring but we are feeling positive and keen to get settled in our home in Murgwanza (particularly before the 29th Jan when the Kleins come home for 6 weeks).  

Jake is proving to be very popular amongst the locals in his soccer jersey’s and we are on the hunt for a Tanzanian shirt. Mitchell is like his mum and found the change of time and the different food a little challenging, but is doing much better now. Oliver is his usuall happy go lucky soul, completely un-phased by living in another culture, he is however wondering where all the other kids are…soon enough!! We will write again soon from Dodoma. Keep praying for the visa business that it all works out, we don’t want to have to return to Dar for them.

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Time Difference

For the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will be their Shepherd, and He will guide them to the springs of the waters of life; and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.~

Revelation 7:17
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