Day 2 in Dodoma and what a day!! We started the day with breakfast at the Dodoma Hotel and we didn't really feel like we were in Africa. After breaky we set out to the Dodoma Markets looking for socccer jerseys, Mitchell got a Ronaldo and Oliver a Essien (who knows who they are ??). Then onto Gershoms house for lunch...what a blessing. We were so warmly greeted by Gershoms mum who is a Penatcostal Paster and loves the Lord, she had gifts for us and prayed for our journey onto Ngara. She presented me with two Kangas and dressed me in them and told me now I was a "Mother of Africa'.

Jake making football friends

The boys made instant friends with the neighbours and pretty soon we had quite a crowd. The soccer ball was a huge hits and so was the camera. All the kids wanted their photos taken and then of course to instantly see the pic. They spoke no English and all the boys could say was Hapana (no) Swahili but that didn't seem to matter they were all instant friends. Jake and Mitchell graciously asked if we could leave the soccer ball behind as the kids were having so much fun. I was so proud of them. As we drove away they said 'that was the best, I love those kids'. We left the ball with Gershom's mum to bring out for the kids to play with. Before the soccer game Gershoms brother took Rob, Mitchell, Oliver drag racingOli and I for a tour and the boys made a brick which will dry out and be used to build a house. Rob enjoyed a catch up with his other mate Garbriel who especially loved playing Rob's guitar. We are hoping he will come and visit us in Murgwanza in September when he has completed semester 2 of his Computer Diploma. Tonight we are going to dinner at Gershom's sister's house. Then tomorrow early we will set off North hopefully spending the night and Ngeze then onto Murgwanza on Monday. I am soooooooooo sick of packing and unpacking bags and not being able to find anything.

Finally we have picture to show you of Gershom our trusted 'fundi' and precious 'refiki'. He has been such a blessing to us on this journey we will feel quite lost without him. And of course our famous 'SURF' the car we bought over the internet and was the cause of many worrying phone calls for Rob. But God is good and we have the car and it is registered and insured and now had a fire extinguisher and two new tyres. 

And now, while I sit here writing this, a young lady and her friends have come and asked for a photo with us. No problem, then she asked to speak to me privately and asked me to take her to Australia. She says she loves me very much and wants us to go to Australia together. I had to explain I was not going to Australia for 12 months as we were going to Kagera.

Rob, Gershom and surf


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