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Oh What a Feeling!!!

Oh What a Feeling!!

Finally we have arrived….Murgwanza is beautiful. As we climbed and descended the hills on the way in we felt like we were in the Snowy Mountains. The scenery is spectacular and our views amazing. We were warmly greeted by the Klein girls, Lucy and Sarah, who are soooooo excited to have other wazungu wototo to play with. We had a lovely afternoon touring Murgwanza and chatting with Nigel and Rose. There is so much to take in but we are feeling so blessed to be here at last. We have unpacked our bags and now just need to sort and put away. It is fun to be making house again. The boys are all very happy we have arrived and have instantly clicked with Sarah and Lucy. Jake has already had his first soccer game on the oval, he is in heaven!!

Our Office ViewWe have been introduced to our house help: George will help outside in the garden and with any heavy work needed. This is his first ever job and he is on trial. He appears to be a hard worker and has some English. Judy and Godriva will help in the house, Judy is the Bennetts house help and will train up Godriva while the Bennetts are on leave. They will wash, cook, clean. We are just learning about the house and the water pump and the stove which appears to work but gives me an electric shock whenever I touch it. I have a toaster and a kettle but I am yet to make them work. We have power and most importantly we have music. We had our first power outage last night but have discovered we have a back up generator. This is a bit of a treat and the Kleins are very jealous.

Our HouseThis morning we farewell Gershom, he will be sorely missed. He has been a HUGE blessing on our journey. He is a lovely fellow who knows and loves the Lord. He must return now to Dodoma to complete his Form 5 exams. We certainly hope he will be able to visit us again during the year. Gershom has an Aunty and Uncle in Ngara whom we met yesterday, they have invited us for a meal once we are settled. They have a daughter at NAPS.

The Kleins go back to Australia on Sunday so we have a busy week of orientation. We need to be introduced to all by them as that is the way in Africa. We need to visit the bank and NAPS and find out how to pay our water and electricity. We will start school and work after we get settled and set up our house and work out how to shop etc.

We also need to establish our internet connection from the house. This I will leave to Rob.

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