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The tour of Murgwanza

Yesterday we had our first visit to Ngara to the markets. Rose took us in and showed us around and introduced us to some of the shop keepers. We will make another go at it later today to get some essentials for our house. We did get a blanket for Rob and Jake so they both had a better night sleep last night. Rose showed us where the bank and the post office were and where we pay our water and electricity.

Yesterday afternoon the boys and the Klein girls had a great time roaming Murgwanza. Jakey is well in the swing of the soccer. He got a little distressed though when on his way home one of the goat boys tried to grab his ball from him. I have negotiated with the milk man (anyone who has a cow) to get 1L of fresh milk each day delivered to our door at 8am each morning for 400Tsh a litre. Godriva or Judy then boil it and we have milk. Otherwise I do have powdered milk as a back-up.

This morning Rob and I have met with the Bishop to be formerly introduced. Then we had a tour of the hospital and the nursing school. We have been warmly welcomed by all. Everyone we meet is especially pleased to hear that Rob is the ‘computer expert’. We are still waiting for our visa’s and my registration to come from MAF so we cannot start working yet anyway. Rob did drop in at NAPS this morning and briefly met the Principal Teacher Buhaga. We will return another day with the boys and meet properly and negotiate the boys schooling. We will need to get their uniforms made and buy their stationary etc before they start.

Must go now, our lunch is nearly ready…ohh the joys of house help!!


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