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Shopping in Ngara and what we eat.

Sas at Ngara shops
Today we made it to Ngara to do some shopping unassisted. Armed with my list and my phrase book I managed to get all I needed and hopefully for the right price. Godriva requested some food items which I managed to get. I have been asked what we eat so I will tell you. Generally at home, we get our own breakfast, we have a type of weet bix and fresh cows milk or powered milk. Or we have toast made from the bread that Godriva makes each day. There is lots of fruit, pawpaw, mango, bananas and passionfruit. Godriva makes the best passionfruit juice. Of course we have tea and our stove top coffee machine. The coffee is extremely average. Godriva will make us a main meal which the last two days we have eaten at lunch time, but today we are going to NAPS at 1PM so we will save the meal and reheat it for dinner. Yesterday she made the most beautiful stew and rice and cabbage. The big boys ate it all. Oliver of course just had some rice and then asked for a sandwich as soon as it was all cleared away. I am not sure what is on the menu tonight but it smells good as I type, I was requested to buy garlic, ginger and peanuts from the market and I saw they were doing something will beans, so stay tuned. We also bought a 25kg bag of flour!!! As well as a meal they also make biscuits or cakes and bread. These are a big hit. For dinner we have had toast or an omelette that I try and put together with limited ingredients’…..'pole pole' it will get easier. We also have to contend with limited power points and an intermittent oven. Most nights provide us with a blackout about dinner time. Rob has already fixed the toaster, tied up a contraption to keep the oven door closed and today will change the plug on the kettle as it keeps shorting out the power points…This is Africa!!! I have just made sandwiches for the boys and Godriva gave us some freshly roasted peanuts. It is hard to keep up with food for the boys, when they are so used to an unlimited pantry supply.

This afternoon we are going to NAPS to discuss the boys schooling. This will mean another trip to Ngara to get fabric for uniforms and get a fundi to make them so it may well be another week before they are ready to start.

At present Rob is putting a new door handle and lock on our front door. Hi is chiselling out something….he is a handy fellow. I have just made sandwiches for the boys and Godriva gave us some freshly roasted peanuts.


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