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Shopping in Ngara is opportunistic. Besides basic food items and dusty old second hand shoes etc., things that wazungu like are not readily available and so if you see something like ground coffee or corn flakes, you buy up big `cause you might not see `em again for quite a while.

Anyone know that Neil Young song called “Piece of Crap” about electric products these days?? Well electrical goods in Tanzania are fitting to this. Unbelievably so. I needed a power board so I purchased the best looking one I could see. As soon as I plugged in a couple of things to it there was smoke and fire along the cord and plug. Struth. Well, I stripped the plug and cord to have a look and found that the wire cores were about 2 strands of microscopic wire hardly capable of carrying sound to some headphones let alone a few amps of 240 volts.

The language barrier is difficult. We have only been here a few days and are slowly learning a few words and phrases. Being a relational community and culture, we need to learn all the greetings thoroughly. This is important for us to get and build respect and for us to be able to fit with the people here. There are many greetings in Kiswahili and we need to learn the correct responses as well. It’s a bit like Q“How ya doin?” A“Good thanks” or Q“Gday mate” A“Gday” in Autralia. There are also local dialect greetings as well in the Ngara area.
It’s amazing to think what the Tower of Babel amounted to!

Internet connectivity is so so so so slow here at our place. I have a sim card for Vodacom at the moment on the Edge network. Remember the days of Dial Up? Well halve the speed then halve it again. Then cut it off then on again randomly.
So you can understand us asking for you to refrain from sending us attachments on emails.

Got a phone call from Gav today from Australia. Actually about 6 phone calls as it kept cutting out. It must have been Optus’ fault cause there’s no way Tanzania would let a mobile phone call be cut off!!!! Thanks for the chat Gav.

I hear it’s been stinking hot in Sydney the last couple of days.

We are in a very poor area and there is much need here.
We will keep you posted as we get more integrated into the community.



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If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.~

John F. Kennedy
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