Timber + Church

We have a bed on loan from the hospital which needs to be returned. So I either need to make a replacement bed or pay a “fundi” to make a bed for us. Actually 2 beds as we will need a guest bed for all you visitors!! Luckily Nigel has managed to get/bring some Makita power tools which he has kindly offered me to use.

Quality timber is virtually non-existent. You can get some timber but it is green, wet, warped and rough sawn. This is very hard to work with but it may well be fun. Screws are also scarce as hen’s teeth. I have seen various sizes of nails though.

There is a government mosquito net program and we qualify and have some vouchers so we will have enough mosquito nets for all our beds and some to assist others. We just need to make a couple of frames to hang them from. Bamboo lashed with twine is great.

We will not attend Church this first week, as I will drive the Klein family to the Rwanda border. They are returning to Australia for about 6 weeks. We have been very blessed to have made it to Murgwanza so speedily as they have been a great help in our initiation.

Next Sunday, we plan to attend the 8:00am service as we know it will finish within a couple of hours. The next service will tend to go on for many hours which is difficult for the boys – they have an attention span of about 36 seconds.
It is all in Swahili but Rose has given us an order of service in parallel Swahili and English so hopefully we can work out what’s going on and where we are up to.

George is out preparing the vegetable gardens ready for maize, beans, ground nuts, lettuce, pumpkin etc. etc. Soon I plan to build a path from the front door as there is much dirt and dust there. I will get George to assist. We will crazy pave with some granite we will find around the place. I can buy cement here thankfully.

Baadaye (later)

Time Difference

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