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I have just dropped the Klein family off at the Tanzania/Rwanda border. The drive there is along a dirt road for about 40 minutes. We drove past many villages and lots of maize and banana plantations. The FallsThe scenery is extremely spectacular with rolling hills all very very green at this time of year. We are between the short and long rainy seasons at the moment. As we approached the border, I saw a vast contrast between Rwanda and Tanzania in terms of infrastructure. Between Rwanda and Tanzania runs a river which is the border. I was allowed by immigration to wander down to the border bridge which is in no-mans land. Under the bridge are the Rusumu falls. During the Rwandan Genocide, close to 1000 bodies were fished out from here. They died as they tried to escape. The water is powerful and mighty. You can see by the photo. The very steep hills behind the river are Rwandan territory. In Tanzania, you are not allowed to take photos of any public buildings etc. but I was allowed to take photos of the falls.

The fallsOn the way back from the border I gave many people lifts to various villages and back to Ngara. None of them spoke any English except for a couple of words but I did manage to communicate a few things.

I had seen many colourful outfits on people this morning as they dressed for Church.

How awesome is it that God is there for every person in every country in every situation. He listens to every prayer all at once. And how great is all His creation!!!

Our current Internet is costing a fair amount. I have asked Nigel if he will get us a sim card from Rwanda upon his return as it is more stable and a lot cheaper. Only problem is you need to cross the border and get a visa to get more credit which costs US$50 per person. Luckily, short-term missionaries to the Hospital etc. are happy to bring across credit vouchers when they come from Kigali.

Ric and BeansSaskia loves her beans and rice!!!



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He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done.~

Proverbs 19:17
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