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Fundi measuring for uniformsThis morning we have been into Ngara again and have bought the fabric and arranged a ‘fundi’ to sew the boy’s uniforms. They have been all measured up. The uniforms will be ready on Saturday. I tried to buy the books they needed but language was a problem, I will have to go with Godriva another day or maybe George and Rob can do it when they go in for tools and seeds later. We have had some rain today and it is cooler. We love getting news from home and trying to reply promptly but forgive us if we don’t, the internet is very slow and frustrating.

Rob bought a dodgy mirror for the bathroom sink and has just managed to hang it using nails into rendered walls.
Rob also helped George this morning drill bigger holes in the watering can. This will enable the veges and flowers to get more water quicker.

I finally went for that run I have been talking about yesterday afternoon. It felt great and I was quietly pleased how far I could go. I will endeavour to get into a routine.

Toothless OlivwerBig news for today, Oliver lost his first tooth. It has been wobbly since a fall at preschool last year. I hope the tooth fairy knows her way to Murgwanza!! The boys are interested to hear who their mate’s teachers are at Mt Colah so please let us know. You can write on the Message Board on our website.... it’s easier for us compared to getting on the boys emails....... or just email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Ngara Shops


Time Difference

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