Tuombe and family with us in Tuombe's houseThis afternoon we went for our usual walk about Murgwanza to  practice our greetings and meet more locals and we were greeted by Tuombe. He is one of Liz’s boys. He is in Form 3 at Secondary School and supported by Liz Burns - one of the long termers here in Murgwanza. Liz helps pay for the boys education and on return they come and work for her on a Saturday to earn the money. He invited us in to his home and introduced us to his mother and siblings. They could not stop welcoming us - "Karibu" they say in Swahili. He was very keen to practice his English and learn about Australia. We in return got a Swahili lesson from him. He is a keen student at one of the village Secondary Schools. He is keen to transfer to Ngara Secondary School where the teaching and facilities are better. He is particularly interested in biology and hopes to study nursing when he completes Form four. Saskia has offered to help him with his biology studies and he will come over on Sundays (Jumapili) for some tutoring. He is a lovely fellow who is a follower of Jesus. He showed us his bible that he is reading. He claims he likes it very much. Tuombe then walked with us around the side of the ridge, through the Eucalyptus trees back to our place. We explained about Gum trees being from Australia and he liked the smell of the crushed leaves. We invited him in for refreshments and we continued to chat about life and stuff.
A local boy from Murgwanza also came to play. His name is Jonathan and he is in standard 2(second class) at NAPS. He loved playing with some LEGO bits we brought with us for Oliver. We hope to meet his parents soon. He is a delightful little boy who is also great at football(soccer).


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He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done.~

Proverbs 19:17
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