More shopping!!

Another trip to town and more shopping. It is always quite an achievement when I manage to complete my shopping list. Today I went and got ‘daftari’ (exercise books) for the boys for school. We also got school shoes for Oliver. We have decided to take the boys to school tomorrow (without uniforms) as they are getting bored at home and I am keen to get them settled so I can begin work. I will stay with them tomorrow and see how they go.

My Swahili is getting better, especially in terms of learning my numbers so I know how much I need to pay when we shop. It gives the locals much amusement while I sit there trying to work out how much I need to pay.

I also posted our first outbound letters today. I am going to get the boys letter writing as part of their schooling. Please write back as it is very exciting to get post and the emailing is so slow. A letter is more tangible.  I have even got Oliver drawing pictures and telling me a story about it which I can write on the back. I have become quite the school teacher!!

We entertained our first guests last night, the mzungu next door baked us cookies to welcome us to Murgwanza (the cookies were really good). The two girls Ellie (from the UK) and Ruth (from the US) are here working in a program called Womencraft which is empowering local artisans by selling their hand made wares. They gave us one of their breadbaskets which is very professionally made. I think they have a webpage you can look at but I will not try as it would take hours to open.

It is cold and rainy here today (unlike Sydney I hear). We have totally lost our beautiful view as the valley below is covered in cloud.

Rob fixed his first (of many I am sure) computer problems today. The man had had his computer serviced in another town and the Word icon had been removed from the desktop, so he thought it was broken and he no longer had Word. Rob put it back.....a simple one to start with. Rob will start work in the next few days.

Please pray for our first day of school tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes!!



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