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School BoysWell, Oliver was excited last night. He was thoughtfully considering what it will be like going to School in Tanzania. Mitch and Jake were also excited about going to School. Thank goodness we didn’t need to drag them there. We appreciate all your prayers.

Lucy and Sarah will not be attending NAPS this year so they kindly loaned us what uniforms they had. We are waiting on the fundi tailor to make another 2 shirts, some shorts and red ties. They should be ready by the end of this week.

Saskia has driven them to School. NAPS is about 6kms away on the Ngara ridge. There is a mini bus that piles in the kids to take them there but maybe not on the first day!! Sas will stay till around 1pm when Oliver finishes then see if Mitch and Jake want to come home. If they want to stay then Sas will bring Oli home and I’ll probably pick them up.

CoffeeFor those of you who like a good coffee, please BYO when you come to visit!!!
I did manage however to find some ground coffee in a very small Duka(shop). They had three small packets so I purchased them all. As I mentioned previously, shopping is very opportunistic and I don’t know when I’ll see this coffee again. Well, I put some in the Mocca Pot, heat some fresh cows milk, froth the milk in a frother we brought over and presto….a sensational laté. The first one took a bit of getting used to but now, they taste great.

I got about 10 mugs of coffee out of the first packet at medium strength. Each packet cost 500TSH which equates to around AU35cents. That’s about 3.5cents per cup plus a few cents for milk. Not bad.

Yesterday, I got onto our roof to clean the channel. It was full of leaves and gunk. No wonder the roof has been leaking. I think I managed to clear the channel enough for the water to run off without overflowing the channel gutter. Also, the pipe to the lower water tank was chocked full of leaves and sludge. I managed to free it so now we can maximise our rainwater capture. This is what we drink and it saves us paying for water to be piped in. The PVC plumbing is all leaking though for the rainwater. Someone has tried to seal it with Silicon but that’ll never work properly. I wonder if I can get Red Prep & Blue Glue. I’ll try this week. I may have to import some to Ngara.

Our boys are missing Sarah and Lucy.


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