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Meet & Greet + HELP!!

Today I went on a meet and greet mission on the roundabout way to my Diocese Office.

I visited Editha from the Mothers Union. They do Spiritual and development work including counselling and training with women from the wider area.

I gave Fabienne some shillings to assist his son to get to hospital in another town. His son Imani requires a renal operation.

I then had a great chat with Stanley who is helping out at the Diocese offices. Stanley is a teacher at the Bible College and lives next to the Diocese office. He had organised approval for our Visas at this end. We are still waiting however for them to be approved at immigration.

I then wandered over to the Bible College and met another teacher, Furaha Jackson. Furaha teaches evangelism. The Bible School currently has 16 students which come from many villages. It trains evangelists to support pastors. The plan is for the Bible school to expand to include Pastor training.

Then into the Cathederal. Here I met Pastor Josiah, Pastor Isaac and finance controller Adam. What a welcome!! There is a Synod meeting early next week and I will assist them with setup etc.

Down the hill slightly to some young gents making some chairs for the Diocese. No power tools. Just a hand saw, a hand planer, a sanding block and a chisel. All timber joints and dowels. Such great craftsmanship. I will try to get some timber tomorrow with George to make beds.

Next stop….Murgwanza nursing school and hospital. I met another Furaha Jackson – an orthopaedic technologist. He was very welcoming.

Then I met Max who has been trying to keep the Hospital and Nursing School computers running. This is where the fun began… struth!!! I’ll update you on the full computer situation later…..I didn’t bring with me a bootable up to date anti-virus CD. If anyone out there can get hold of a late release anti-virus CD that I can boot from to scan and fix virus issues without booting to the HDD, I would really much appreciate you sending it over to our PO box address. Such a donation would be of such a great help here. I have many anti-virus programs with me but as soon as you stick in your flash drive to any computer here, it is destroyed by viruses. For those that know a little more than a little, even the MBR’s are infected.



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