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First day at school


Today we had a hectic start to the day as we had to be all up and dressed and out the door by 745am. The boys in partial uniforms with their bags packed, we headed off in the car to NAPS. I think the boys were quietly excited to have something to do. We ‘reported’ to the Head Teacher – Teacher Buhaga -  who took down the boys names and what year they would be in. Then we attended Parade and the boys were each introduced. Buhaga did comment to me that my boys have strange names!! So I now have been re-named as Mama Mitchell and am greeted by all the children at school as such. In Africa they make formal what we have always known in Australia – once you have children you lose your identity and become ‘so and so’s mum’.  

WelcomeAfter a couple of songs they were marched off to class. I sat in with Oli for the morning mostly, but he did very well. In English they were learning about the letter C, big C and small c then there is much repetitive writing in their books of a C and c. Then it was time for maths, Oliver even had the opportunity to point out a number of the board and tell the class what it was. He also taught the teacher the rhyme about drawing a 5. All of you with kindy kids will know ‘down the street, round the corner, opps I forgot my hat’.

Mitchell had maths first up. We had been warned that it may be too hard but Mitch had no problems (must get that from Mormor).  Jake also had maths then skipped Swahili but has since decided he wants to give it a go.

We opted out of the maize porridge and rice bits for morning tea and I will just send a snack with them each day - probably some of Godriva’s freshly baked biscuits and a banana. For most of the kids this is their first meal of the day, but I made sure our boys had breakfast before we went.

Mitchell skipped French and spent the time in the school library – (2 book shelves) and managed to find a Selby book – he was thrilled. Mitch has made many mates already but don’t ask me their names. The younger kids are a bit more cautious but I think once I am not hanging around they will be more bold.

We went home at 12noon which is early because the staff were all going to a funeral - the Canon’s wife died. I am not sure what happens to the school kids, I fear they are all left unattended for the rest of the day. The boys are keen to return tomorrow and even talking about going 5 days a week. I think we will stick to coming home at lunchtime however, as they will need to do some other work as well.

SchoolOliver’s day goes 8am till 1pm and the big boys would break for lunch at 1:30pm so we will bring them all home together otherwise the big boys wouldn’t finish till 3:45pm.  So finally I have three kids at school!!!! Keep praying that all continues smoothly and particularly for Oliver as this whole sitting in a classroom is new for him. He did ask a couple of times during lessons when he could go out and play. He did however walk straight in the door and pull out his books to do his homework and show Rob his work. He is also sporting some fine new school shoes. We will chat with the boys over dinner but hope to drop them off tomorrow and return to collect at 1ish. Then finally I can get up to the nursing school.

See Rob’s post for what he has been up to. As I type this the boys have just returned from the field with their mate Johnathon who is in Standard 2 at NAPS, he is a lovely quiet kid who the boys have made a lovely connection with. We showed Johnathon the photos we will post on this blog, you should have seen the smile on his face.



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