Ok this is a classic TIA (this is Africa) tale. As I type this I am sitting in darkness as we have no power, but obviously my computer has a battery. To get internet however, we need power(Rob has set some router thing up) so this will not get posted till tomorrow (I hope).

This afternoon at about 2pm there was a storm here and the power went out…not so unusual….we are used to power outages by now. They usually only last about 2 or 3 hours and so we waited and waited and waited….no power. It was getting on to 6 o’clock and I wanted to get the kids fed and bathed as they were all pretty ratty and tired after being cooped up inside with the rain. I even got the boys to go out and ask the security guard if he would put on the generator…he said no. They usually put it on when it gets dark – worth a try!

Then I notice the house next door has an outside light on, so I start thinking, maybe the power problem is just us. I get Rob to check the circuit breaker and with the flick of a switch we have power. How annoying, we could have had power all afternoon and the boys could have been fed and bathed.

So quick as a flash I through the dinner in the microwave and put water on to heat to give the boys a quick wash. Not even 2 minutess later the power goes off, for real this time….I can’t believe it.

Now the guard puts on the generator, so we keep heating dinner and water, wash kids and eat our dinner. But that’s not all…..within about 20 mins..all out again and the generator off. It has run out of diesel!!!

So now we have got all to bed with candles and I am going to go and have a coolish shower and then we too are off to bed….TIA.

Bwana Asifiwe. We love it here. Truly.

africa_027And here’s a few bird photos Rob quickly snapped this evening in the garden. They were hand held at 720(35mm equiv) so will be a little blurry as they are heavily cropped. All the birds flitter and flutter around everywhere. He’ll try and get some more nature photos when he’s got some time on a weekend.




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