Clean Slate

I finally worked out what speed I’m getting on my internet connection.

I’m getting in the vicinity of .0000352NanoBytes/Decade but I’m getting used to it. I’ve got all updates turned off. I’ve got image downloads turned off on the browsers. I’ve got even less hair. But at least everyone here is in the same boat and we’re floating.

Nigel has offered to bring me across a MTN sim from Rwanda on his way back through to Tanzania. I understand it is slightly faster, and a lot cheaper. That will be “very nice”.

Every computer is infested with Viruses and it turns out that you can’t even start with a clean OS slate here. Max, the local helper of IT for the hospital and nursing school had a few XP CD’s and had just purchased another for 4500Tsh (about AU$3 – This is a days wages here). When installing XP from these CD-ROMs, you get an install screen a little bit different from what I call normal. You get fancy pictures of Nissan Skyline GT cars. Where did the green fields go?? And where’s that four colour windows logo?? Well funnily enough I suspected that this might not be the real deal.
Well, as you might imagine, after I scanned these “new” CD-ROMs in my Mac, I found that the only value they had was that of the bozo’s time to create the discs and compile them with viruses and trojans. I made Max understand what was going on. These CD’s were not even worthy to become coasters.

Well, luckily I had the real deal media and luckily Max had his magic Universal CD Key (Don’t ask questions….this is Africa). So finally yesterday we got a clean slate happening on one old dog computer. It now has clean XP, Open Office, Antivirus(definitions up to date as at end 2010) and some other legit software I loaded for them.

I would like to load Linux but the problem is that they use an old copy of Quickbooks on most computers and rely heavily on this. Linux would also be a learning curve for everyone which I’m not yet sure would be a good option.

So forget SAN, NAS, LAN, WAN and ESX….it’s just stand alone 5-10 year old computers with major hardware and software problems. Backup seems next to non-existent and should a printout be required, the computer is taken to a printer or the printer is taken to the computer.

I can see that much efficiency could be gained from a low cost simple LAN however this would only open up every computer to every virus unless major effort went into every PC beforehand. Also, it would require strict maintenance management and much education to sustain such a setup – simple as it maybe.

Anyway, this is the view out my window early this morning as I typed this. Rob

Morning View


Time Difference

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