Saturday today - nice to not have to rush out to school. I went to the market today with Godriva and two English Nurses who are visiting for two weeks. So suddenly I was the expert mzunga. Amazing what a difference a week can make. Last week I was totally overwhelmed, today I understood most of the prices and am getting a handle on how much things cost. Ndizi (bananas) are 7 for 200 TSH, that’s about 15c. Sorry for all you Aussies who I hear are paying $5 plus a kilo.  I bought more avocado, 100TSH each, Jake is happy - avocado is his staple.

GeorgeWe are at the bottom of the Promite jar - this is a disaster! We still have 3 tubes of vegemite however.

1kg of steaki from the butcher costs 4000TSH and that is meat for a whole week. We don’t eat meat every night. I have asked Godriva to mince some meat for me next week, which they do with a hand mincer so I can make spag bol. I also have recipe for banana bread and chipatis which I will try tomorrow, when we have no house help.

I went to town to get the boys uniforms but they are not ready, maybe Jumatatu, maybe Jumanne. I did get Oli’s jumper though, which last week we were told was 75,000 TSH, but when I went to pay, it turned out it was 7,500TSH, I think the thousands got lost in translation. A pleasant surprise, they could have ripped me off, I would have paid! It is so hard to tell what things will cost. Most food item are so cheap but other stuff so expensive (relatively speaking).

Rob has George here today and is teaching him to build a wooden bench for our verandah. Georges family home needs a new roof, George asked us for the money to replace it. It would cost about 120, 000TSH. Rather than just hand out the money, George will come on Saturdays and help Rob to build furniture. This way he will earn the money for the tin required and Rob is teaching him a useful skill. Rob is finding the process frustrating as the wood quality is poor and it is all nailed together – screws are hard to come by. Rob has some power tools that Nigel left but George prefers the hand saw – you can imagine how foreign this is to Rob!!! We need to make a couple of beds for the house as we have one on loan from the hospital and we need a guest bed!! It will be a slow process but a good skill for George to have.

Johnathon & OliOli and Jake are out on the verandah playing lego with Johnathon. Lego a universal toy – you can see the picture of them.

We made coffee ( in our stove top mocha pot) for Ruth next door, she has been living on instant!! Ruth and Ellie work at Womencraft. They are making wall hangings for the office. I am inspired to try one – don’t laugh!! I will buy a needle and thread next week and a piece of fabric and ask them for some scraps to get me started. I will let you know my progress (or not as the case may be).

Tomorrow we will go to the Cathedral for church. There are two services 8am and 10am. We have been advised to go to 8am as it must finish after 2-3hours so the second service can start. If you go to 10am, there is no knowing when it will finish and being all in Kiswahili would be a bit long.





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