We have had a busy 24 hours. Yesterday afternoon, Toumbe and his brother James came over and we took a drive to Toumbe’s school which is down the very steep hill from Murgwanza. We were very grateful we had invested in a 4WD as it was quite a road! We headed off, African style 4 kids in the boot! Johnathon was with us of course. We had a walk around the school and saw the water pump for the village where all the locals come and collect and carry water home. On the way back we stopped at Toumbe’s friends house where he stays during the week as it is too far to walk from Murgwanza to his school each day. We had a massive Swahili lesson on our drive and our vocabulary is growing, however some of our pronunciation leaves a bit to be desired! When we got back to our nyumbani(house), Rob and the Murgwanza guys had a sing along to some Psalms(Psalm 96, 51, 40 etc..) and he gave James a guitar lesson.

Tuombe and James at Tuombe's School

Today Sunday was our first visit to the Murgwanza Cathedral for Church at 8am.  It was all in Swahili but I did manage to catch a few words. We must remember to take our bible next week so we at least can read the passage that is being preached. We were invited up the front to introduce ourselves which Rob did in English and one of the pastors (who used to be a language teacher for missionaries) translated. The congregation were all very amused when Rob spoke a word or two of Swahili.  The service only lasted about 2 ½ hours and the boys managed to last till after the sermon, which was about 1 ½ in. They have communion every week….wafers dipped in wine. It appears too that officially men sit on the right side of the church and women on the left, however we all sat together(we weren’t the only ones).

It is Synod here Monday week, so this week is spent cleaning and tidying the church and preparing things for synod. Rob has been asked to help with this, he has said yes, but he is not sure what he has said yes to. He has a meeting this evening with one of the pastors to discuss. Another pastor has also asked him if he can come to the Anglican Secondary School in Ngara (the NAPS  equivalent for Secondary School) as they have an IST class (Information and Software Technology) including 7 recently donated computers but NO teacher. So it appears Rob is to be in high demand everywhere.

After church our wazungu(white people) neighbours all came running to the smell of out mocha pot brewing and coffee was enjoyed by all. We all had a good chat and a laugh. After they went Mitchell said “I like our neighbours, it’s always funny when they come”. They are all so desperate for reading material. Mitchell was reading them the ‘blurb’ from a couple of his novels and they were quite interested. We also discussed international politics with our range being English, American and Aussie. They also ate all our biscuits so now I am back in the kitchen baking up supplies.

Mitch the CookI made chapattis for lunch - they were very time consuming. Thankfully Mitchell cooked them for me. He is quite the budding chef. He needs a little more guidance about the whole kneading thing, but good at flipping chapattis.  I think tonight we will have toast!

I also attempted to make yoghurt last night using the culture from a previous batch made with the easi yo. It was not a success, I am not sure if I watered down my cows milk too much. I think I will stick to using the easi yo packs. So if you are sending post….HINT HINT, easi you sachets would be good. The family flavours not the low fat (they are two sour for the boys).

The boys (and Johnathon) have now gone with James back to his house. We think to get Toumbe for his biology tutoring….but really we are not sure; our language is not that good yet. I guess they will return when they are hungry…….which should be any minute now. In the meantime I am enjoying a quiet cuppa and a freshly baked cookie.

Tutaonana baadaye!


Time Difference

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.~

Henry Drummond
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