Fields of delight

Fields of Delight

old airstrip

What a wonderful experience it is for both the Lawler boys and the youth of Murgwanza. There is so much friendship and welcoming amongst the people of Tanzania. I went for a walk up to the old airstrip just now and found our boys playing in the fields with some locals. What a delight to watch. We are all children of God. Praise the Lord.

You can see the old airstrip on top of the ridge in the photo to the left. It hasn't been used for years. It's nice to walk along here. There are villages on one side and very steep slope the other side.

Tuombe is due some time soon here for Biology tutoring. James stayed for lunch as I was helping him learn guitar today. He is keen to return to practice C, G and D…….three  easy fundamental chords for hundreds of songs. He did fall off his chair today as he was playing (somehow??) and damaged my guitar but that’s cool….it still sounds the same.

I am just about to go to a meeting with the Pastor Josiah so must fly.

Well I just got back from the meeting. We shared a coke or 2 and had a fine time chatting about stuff. His english is ok.
There will be about 300 pastors and church representitives from the Kagera region in 2 weeks for synod and the Cathederal needs some maintenance. Painting, sanding and polishing pews, ground repairs etc.. I have been asked to help all week with this work and I have gladly agreed to help out in whatever capacity they would like.

By the way, I'm really struggling with remembering names let alone Kiswahili. I've met about ten thousand locals many with names I've never heard of. Anyone else struggle with this kind of thing?

Later. Rob.


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