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Apples and chairs but NO pilipili

Today Rob and I went to town on our way to collecting the boys from school. On our way we saw a man carrying two ‘bush chairs’….on his head of course. We have been looking for some chairs for our veranadah so we can sit outside and enjoy the view. So we stopped and asked if we could buy them. He did not speak much English but he knew what we wanted. He gave me the price in Swahili ‘kumi na mbili’ which I understood as 12, but 12 what? 1200 or 12000?  ChairsThis was a little more complicated. Eventually I got him to write it down. 24000 for both. Sold. Now we have two new chairs on the verandah which will now be property of the Anglican Diocese of Kagera. We feel like kings when we sit in them. The seller took his cash and ran…we are not sure if we have been ripped off but a mate of Jakes at school (who is 9) tells me we paid too much and they should have only been 10000 or 11000 EACH. No worries. This is Africa and we are mzungu so we expect to play a little more. She also informed me, you just know when they say 12, whether it is 1200 or 12000. I think next time I will take her with me. This same girl, Everbright,  speaks very good English and is teaching me Swahili. She taught me many words of Friday and today I was practicing. Rob came with me today and he tried to practice his Swahili also. Everbright concluded that Rob is the worst at Swahili…..I guess he should keep practicing.

We continued into town, in search or pilipili (pepper). We got some white pepper last week and it is awful, it smells like goat pooh (a smell we are familiar with!). So we are searching for black pilipili. We did find a little (kidogo) bag of black peppercorns, but we have no way of grinding it!!. We will continue our search another day. Rob is desperate for the taste of pepper. We did however find apples…….I have never been so excited, but not half as excited as the boys were when we got them from school and gave them their treat….3 red apples, down the hatch before we even got home.

Still no school uniforms despite 3 trips to the tailor. He promised this afternoon. He was sewing madly on the last pair of shorts when I went by today….twice. I have also commissioned a skirt for me from another tailor which should be ready this afternoon but I think I will kwende kesho.(go tomorrow) We also bought some fabric for curtains(a kanga) for the ‘guest room’ and a piece of fabric to start my wall hanging!!. The girls next door (one of which has a degree in textiles) are going to help me and give me scraps to use. So maybe tonight I will begin!

Rob has been super busy, sanding and varnishing church pews, doors and chairs in preparation for Synod next week. He comes home dirty and tired but his help is much appreciated.

I went up to the nursing library while the boys were at school and have catalogued the first Row of books – 5 rows to go!! There were many nursing students coming in and out to use books and the computer. Please pray that I will be bold to strike up a conversation with them and offer my assistance. I think tomorrow the 2nd year students are presenting their Community Reports as they have just returned from clinical in the community. It should be really interesting and will give me a chance to be introduced to more students.

We got our first letter in the post today (thanks grandad for the photos). Feel free to write or send a postcard or newspaper clippings or a school newsletter or church bulletin or anything from home really. We get no news from Australia or anywhere really so are happy for anything we can get. Reminder of the postal address is PO BOX 7, Ngara, Kagera, TANZANIA. We share the box with all the other mzungu’s so you need to put our name on it too.


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