Thank you

Thank you for all your prayers and support!!

Overall, I think we have all settled in well in Murgwanza. The people are all very welcoming and seem to genuinely appreciate us being here.

Mitch, Oli and Jake will be going to NAPS (school) Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. I took them to school yesterday and stayed for parade. There are announcements, prayers and some singing – some songs with actions. Mitch just stood there like a stunned mullet. Jake got right into the singing and dancing actions. Oli was in space not seeming to know what was going on. Overall they seem to be very happy in Murgwanza. Jonathan comes over every day and plays with them.


We have James come over most evenings. He is really keen to learn guitar and has been playing 5 chords over and over and over. Well done James. The best thing is he stays for our evening family devotions and has been asking questions about Jesus. He has prayed with us too. He has been sick and thinks he has malaria though. He can get a course of medicine from the Hospital I think to cure this.

It has been great to be able to help renovate the Cathederal. It is now looking very fresh and clean although there is still much work to be done. I have got to know Pastor Josiah much better and others that are involved with the church. I have worked very hard(like usual of course) and feel very tired at the moment. It brings back fond memories of when I was working with Reevesey!!!!

My task tomorrow morning is to investigate why the In-patient/Out-patient database at the Hospital has ceased operating correctly. I have been told that the reporting system has stopped working since about a month ago. “About a month ago” corresponds to the beginning of 2011. I have had a quick look and found that it was developed early last year and I suspect some query coding error – maybe some hard coding for 2010 is in place. I have confirmed that the latest entries are correct in the underlying tables but have yet to check the queries. The problem is that people come for a short time from far away. They develop and implement applications etc. but there is no handover or training so when something goes wrong, there is no one to fix it. Hopefully I can pass on some knowledge of such things. I’ll try anyway. Sorry to bore most of you with this !!!

I have just dropped into the Nursing School Library to see how Sas is getting on. She is doing an inventory of all the books. Some are very old and maybe not worth keeping. There are many books on certain subjects so it will be good to have a stock take so we can advise what type of books are most in need. It will also help with locating certain books.

There is no “mains pressure” water here. You just put some sort of tank up high and it gravity feeds your water plumbing. Plumbing is simple and just relies on simple screw on flexible pipes between wall and tap fittings etc.. These connection pipes break/perish easily though. We have a small pump that we use to fill the top tank periodically. The bottom tank is a concrete pit that fills from the gutters and also from piped in water when required. It is required at the moment as we are in the dry just before the “big wet” in March and April. If you do not pay your water and electricity strictly before due date (usually you get only a few days), it gets cut off and costs quite a bit to “re-connect”. I think we will need to hunt for our bills each month, as they seem to come to the Diocese Offices.

I have discussed with George this morning about building a rocky path down the side of the house to join the back path. George will smash up some big rocks to make small rocks for the path.

I have moved stuff out of the back room ready to make a “guest room”.  We have a kanga ready to make curtains. I just need to build a couple of beds and a table. You are very welcome to visit.

This morning we finally picked up the boys uniforms for NAPS that the “fundi” made. They look very professionally made. Thanks fundi.

The food made for us has been fantastic. Thanks Godriva. Stews, vege pies, mmmmmmm. Freshly baked bread and cookies. George has just started planting some seeds in the vegetable garden. Ground nuts first. They are like small peanuts and we eat lots of them after Godriva fries them in a pot.

That’ll do. See ya.


Time Difference

For the Lamb who is in the midst of the throne will be their Shepherd, and He will guide them to the springs of the waters of life; and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.~

Revelation 7:17
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