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Uniforms and Friends

UniformsFinally the boys have got their school uniforms for NAPS. They went off today very proud in their red ties. Oliver says now he feels like an African. They have come home on the NAPS bus the past two afternoons and they love it. It allows me more time to be at the nursing school rather than having to go and collect them in the afternoon.

I spent the day in the library today, continuing my catalogue of books. I chatted with many students today and they are all very pleased we are here. The girls I was speaking to all laughed at my name!! They couldn’t believe I had 3 wototo(children), but told me I had good family planning when I told them the ages. They commented they had seen Rob around, ‘the tall bald mzungu’.

Speaking of mzungu, yesterday when we were driving to school we saw another mzungu in Ngara, Rob and I tried to find him later but to no avail. It was a very exciting sighting. Today Rob saw him and stopped the car for a chat, he is a German fellow who is travelling, but helping at the radio station in town for the moment.  He hopes to walk to Murgwanza one day, we told him we were pretty easy to find, so hopefully he will turn up again one day.

On my way home from the hospital today I met Jonathon’s parents. His father is a pastor in a nearby parish, he was about to set off on his push bike for  1 hour ride to one of his church’s for an evening service. He has studied a diploma in theology in Dodoma and hopes to get a scholarship to Uganda or Kenya to study a Bachelor of Divinity. Of course he has no money at this stage, but he is praying that God will find a way for this to happen. Jonathon’s mother is a tailor and sews clothes from her home. I was very excited as I have some sewing projects for her. She is also keen to learn computers, so I have offered to teach her some basics. She was very excited and wanted to come right now. I have arranged for her to come next week. Rob thinks it is amusing that I could teach computers, but I’m sure I can teach her to turn it on and open a program and use the mouse.

Oliver continues to make friends with all and sundry, I often have to call him in from half way down the ridge for dinner. Jake and Mitchell do venture out but tend to stay a little closer to home. They have started to play marbles in the dirt with some of the kids but they only have three marbles. Oh when I think of all the marbles I left at home and used to trip over every day.

Rob’s up at the Catherderal today(Saturday here) to finalise some painting. I am off to the big market again with Godriva. Oliver is already off ‘out in the bushs’. We have had a lazy start to the morning after movie night last night. We only had two small power interruption’s. Jake and Mitch have replaced Saturday morning cartoons with multiplayer DS.

Rob has repositioned the mobile broadband router so hopefully now we will have better internet. We can only try!!



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