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Church This Morning

Sas, Oliver and Myself went to church this morning. The 8:00am service.

Jake was still in bed. We had 2 late nights in a row and the boys are shattered. Mitch and Jake stayed home.

Oliver was a pain in the...in Church so Sas took him home after only about 40 minutes.

Below is a snippet from this morning's service.

This is the first sunday following all the renovations and makeover.

There was much giving this morning. After each service, there is an auction type of thing where they raise money for the church. People from the villages give eggs and Maize etc. which are sold after the service.

Once again I didn't understand much of the service but did work out that we were looking at Matthew 13. We do have communion each week though and I have an English translation of the service(with parallel Kiswahili next to it) so can follow along.

It's always nice to meet and greet people after the service.

Saskia is making Chipatis for lunch today. Also I think there is some sort of Bolognaise(sp?) saucy stuff brewing.


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