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Power out again! and visitors

We had a lovely afternoon on Saturday with the girls next door, chatting and drinking tea. Whilst there we discovered Megan (from the US) had never seen Toy Story!!! Hard to imagine I know, so we decided to rectify that problem and have a mini movie night tonight and watch Toy Story 1.

So we dashed home, bathed and feed us and the boys, set up the cinema…..and bang storm hit power out. OOOOOHHHHHHHH NNNNOOOOOOOO cried the boys…flip the switch dad they called, check the circuit breaker. Sure enough circuit breaker flipped, we try to flick it back no go. Maybe the power is out as well……check the neighbours nope they have power…what the.

Meanwhile rain pouring down, view all gone, find the candles, where are the matches. Boys in distress ‘can we still watch the movie on the lap top???’

Rob gets out the torch, roof dripping, aahhh hhaa the problem, water leaking from the roof, he thinks it’s shorted the power and there will be no power in the near future.

So now it is Sunday afternoon. Fundi Rob has fixed the power for now, until the next big rain…..could be problem as we are entering the wet season, must get that roof fixed.

We have had many guests this afternoon drop by. Max who works with Rob at the hospital, he is the computer guy at the hospital. Max is hoping to study at University in Dar and get a degree in computers, but of course he has no money to do it. Max came by with his mate Daniel, who is a clinical officer at the hospital. He hopes to go on and complete a medical degree at some stage. Then James came by to practice guitar and teach the boys the Swahili national anthem. Jake has taken it on quite quickly and sings it quite well. Then more visitors, Sebastian the German fellow we spotted in town the other day came by to see us and our view. He came with Victor who also works at the radio station. Sebastian is here for two months working at Radio Kizera – the local radio station. He is a radio journalist in Germany and interested in presenting the real Tanzania back to Germany. He is interested in speaking to Megan about the Womencraft project she is involved in.

Now they are all jamming on the verandah, it turns out Sebastian is quite a guitar player and Megan has come over with her ukulele.

I have cooked spag bol for dinner, hopefully the rain stays away and the power will stay on. We have three tired cranky boys who need to eat be washed and go to bed early. Tomorrow is home schooling again.  I must prepare so it goes smoothly.

I have cut out the first part in preparation for my wall hanging, now I just need needle and thread, I can get that from the girls next door.



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