A big day!!

This morning we woke to a misty view and some cool weather. It was a home schooling day, so I dragged myself out of bed to educate my boys. I had prepared yesterday so thought all would go well. It did…..sort off. Snack RockThe biggest challenge is that they are all doing different work. I started with Oli and his letters and words d, f, r, I this week and mum, like, see, the and my. He is doing well. Mitchell and we were tackling multiplication sums; I had to refresh myself how to do them. Jake is learning to carry the one in large additions. Mitchell has taught me again how to ‘trade’ so I can teach Jake. I need a refresher on long division, when do they learn that??

Once the boys had done all the work I was likely to get them to do today, we headed for ‘snack rock’ for a bit of Uno and looking at the view. See photo. From there we spotted ‘the forest of doom’. A large grove of gum trees that the boys were insistent that it was full of lions. So down, down, down the hill we went. This subject was a cross between cross country and science. Lizardy thingOn the way we spotted and lizardy thingy, the boys are sure it is a chameleon. I have taken multiple photos. We reached the forest of doom and found no lions. Then we had to begin the long trek back up, up, up. Finally we made it home and it was time to meet Rob at the hospital canteen.

The boys had soda, of course as they had talked of nothing else all morning. We sampled bananas and beans!!!! It was really nice. The bananas are the big green ones we see being carried on everyone’s heads. They are cooked and taste like potato.  We are all so full, I don’t know if we will be able to eat tonight’s dinner that has been left by Godriva.

LunchTuesday tomorrow, we will go to town in the afternoon and check the mail box and post some more letters home. Rob is out at present buying my needle and thread so tonight I can start sewing my wall hanging. I may run later once this lunch has gone down, but I am pretty pooped after our expedition this morning.

Still having fun and games with power, last night circuit breaker tripped about 3 times in 15 mins. Rob was up cleaning the roof yesterday and we were ok after last night’s downpour - no leaks. But now during the day, power is off, generator is on, but now I have just lost power and my circuit breaker has not tripped???? This is Africa!!! And now power is back...who knows why or how!!??

Rob has been extremely busy with all the computer work wanted by everyone. He has met with the head doctor and General Secretary of the Hospital today to discuss the ICT needs. The first priority seems to be the statistics databases which were designed a number of years ago and require many changes and maintenance to keep up with changes to the hospitals reporting systems. Also, efficiency benefits of a Local Area Network were put forward by Rob. They very much apprieciate all his efforts and willingness to teach while implementing.



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