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Supporting in various forms

I have heard murmurings from Australia of complaints when we miss a day blogging............so here is today’s news!!

Rob has spent the entire day today at Tumaini fixing computer issues. Tumaini is a program set up to support orphans in the Kagera region. An orphan is considered any child who has only one parent or less – there are many many. Rob spent a lot of his time working in an office with Mike, who has done a diploma in Community Service and currently is unemployed and volunteers his services at Tumaini while he looks for a paid job. Rob was also helping Vithalis who is a Youth Pastor currently helping out at Tumaini. There is much so much work for Rob in all areas of the Diocese for computer assistance.

Tomorrow Rob is meeting with the Head Doctor at the hospital, who has some IT know how. He is interested in upgrading all the hospital databases…..another large task.

I spent this morning attempting to home school the boys. This is proving a challenge. Next week we will try a new system and see if that works better.

Tomorrow is a public holiday in Tanzania, we are not sure why - it's some Muslim thing, but after much discussion we did establish that there will be no NAPS. So we are thinking of taking the day out to have a drive and see some of the area.

Thursday I will be back up at the nursing school. The 2nd year students have recently returned from Community Clinical Placements and will be presenting their reports. I am looking forward to getting a better insight into the level of education at the nursing school.

This afternoon, we meet with James who shared his life situation with us. He is from a very poor home and has had a tough 17 years. He is in Form Two at Murgwanza Secondary School. He would like to be a doctor when he finishes school but this is an unlikely aspiration as there are not enough teachers at his school to give him a good enough education. In Tanzania you must pass and exam at the end of Form Two to allow you to go onto to Form Three. I have offered to help James with his English as that will in turn help him in his over all education. He may also bring me the odd maths and chemistry questions, but I may store those up for when my mum comes in June. Tomorrow I will go to Ngara and see if I can buy the English book James needs for school. From what I could understand James does not have the book and the school doesn’t appear to have many copies either. Once I have the book, I will have a resource to help James. He was very grateful for my offer. Once we have finished studying, he will then do practice on Robs guitar. His other aspiration is to be a musician. He is quite talented, has a good voice and has progressed very well on the guitar in only a few short weeks.

Most afternoons we have two or three young boys on our verandah, playing with our matchbox cars and Lego we have brought from Australia. It is lovely to see how such simple things bring them such endless joy.

James has also taught Jake the Tanzanian National Anthem which they sing it each morning at NAPS. It was lovely to hear singing coming from the bath tonight as all three boys were singing it together.

Tutaonana baadaye!



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