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Today I had my first proper English lesson with James. We are reading through a Swahili Text called Mabala the Farmer. It is a classic tale about a man who grew up in Dar who thought life would be easier being a farmer in the country. James reads very well, but when you ask him what the words mean, he often doesn’t know. It was quite a challenge trying to explain words such as argue and insistent and resign to name a few. He was so appreciative and wants me to make comprehension questions for him.  It was so nice to have a willing pupil for a change from the boys!!

I spent the morning at the nursing school continuing in the library. I also helped a couple of students who were looking for information for assignments. The students are a bit in limbo at the moment. The first years are on clinical and today were waiting for their exam results from Semester One. Classes for them will commence again on the 7th of March then I will get involved in some teaching. The second years are still completing their Community Placement Reports which hopefully they will present next week. Nothing happens here in a hurry.

Rob has suggested another boy wishing to improve his English that we would like to assist. He is a delightful young fellow who is currently working at Tumieni as a carpenter building some furniture for them. He wants to complete his carpentry course but he needs better English to pass his first year exams. I am happy to help him…..maybe this is why I am here.

Roof ChannelRob spent more time today at the hospital but the power went out so he couldn’t do much after that. Rob was on the roof today working on the channel gutter. Nigel had left rob with his power tools whilst in Australia. Amongst the tools is a Makita cordless nibbler. Rob was so pleased as he needed to cut some off the metal roofing sheets in the channel. This will allow the water to wash down the leaves without them getting clogged in the channel which has been causing water to flow into the house. The diocese has 3 other similar houses used by Womencraft. All have water leakage problems and Rob will have a look at these in due course.

Rob was just outside chatting to the Guard of the night. He’s a lovely dude who we enjoy chatting to. Well he just informed us that the river we see outside our window in the valley which we know borders Rwanda is actually the River Nile. We had no idea. He says that they call it the Kagera river here in Tanzania but it is the same river. What a massive river – all the way up through Egypt. Bit like the Mighty Murray really.

George has planted some Pumpkin, Cabbage and Spinach seeds so hopefully soon we will have some luscious fresh vegetables to munch on.


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