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Very exciting news, we got our first parcels today – drill bits and dental floss for Rob and balloons and pens for the boys. They took 18 days from Australia – not bad. We will keep you POSTED ( lol ) on the progress of your other parcels.

Rob and I spent the morning at the hospital and nursing school. Rob was making the data I had collected on the Library books filterable and intelligible. I spent some time helping some nursing students on the computer and one of the teachers as well. We also started collecting information for the Diocese of Kagera website. Everyone we talk to is very excited to hear that we are making a website about what goes on in the Diocese and the struggles and needs. The website was started by a group (committee consisting of Diocese and Missionary members) over 12 months ago but is still in it’s infancy. Rob and I will “ignite the flame” and collect information about each of the areas under the Diocese umbrella. Rob has already built the revised framework for the website.

I think there haven’t been many balloons in Murgwanza as we have some very excited little boys playing with a balloon. Such joy.

Rob arranged for George to continue the path from the back of the house round to the front of the house.  It is looking good. George has been working hard and is tired. We will need to smash some rocks to make more small rocks to fill the path. Rob will pay George some bonus shillings to come and work tomorrow (Saturday).

Rob and I got a hug from Absolom today as we passed on a big hello from Helen & Raymond Howes.
Helen and Raymond are from our Church in Australia and are currently in Iringa working on a solar lighting project.

We have purchased a bed for the Diocese house we are renting. We needed to replace the hospital bed which was on loan. Wilbrod, our carpenter friend from Tumaini will make us another double bed for guests that come. This will be a fantastic addition to the house. We will pay Wilbrod market value for the bed. We spoke to him this morning about teaching him English. He is very appreciative and will come tomorrow (Saturday afternoon) at 9 o’clock(or 3pm as we know it). There is a difference of 6 hours in the Swahili and English ways of telling the time. The Swahili system consists of two 12 hour parts – sunrise to sunset & sunset to sunrise. English 7am is saa moja – hour 1 in Swahili. That is 1 hour after sunrise. 9am is saa tatu – hour 3 after sunrise. 7pm is saa moja – hour 1 after sunset. 9pm is saa tatu – hour 3 after sunset. Get it??

Tonight is movie night at our place, there will be 15 wazungu here, hope the power stays on!!


Time Difference

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