Since we are living amongst the WomenCraft houses, we thought you may like to know a bit about WomenCraft....

Womencraft WomenWomenCraft is a community driven social enterprise based in Ngara, Kagera region, north western Tanzania - a project of the Anglican Church of Tanzaina, Diocese of Kagera.

WomenCraft works with rural Tanzanian and Burundian women to become contributing members of a successful fair-trade enterprise. The high quality products handcrafted by WomenCraft’s artisans are bought and sold according to international fair-trade practices. By paying its artisans fair wages, WomenCraft envisions using its eventual profits to provide services to its artisans and the surrounding community.

Through their work with WomenCraft, the women build business and practical skills so that they can take greater ownership of the enterprise.

WomenCraft strives to partner with Burundian women, and works with many repatriated refugee artisans who until recently lived in Tanzanian refugee camps and who have now returned to Burundi to rebuild their lives.

WomenCraft is committed to sustainable social and economic change while preserving the natural environment.

WomenCraft unique design and approach:

Ethical. WomenCraft is established as an ethical business operating under fair-trade principles. WomenCraft’s members make products that are handcrafted, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable incorporating locally available raw materials whenever possible. Products are marketed so that consumers gain an appreciation of the producers, their circumstances and their countries of origin. WomenCraft invests in its members and uses a portion of its profits for the betterment of the wider community. WomenCraft measures its success first by its ability to make its members more economically self-reliant and second by its ability to sell products and sustain the business.

Womencraft ProductsMarket-driven. Considerable attention is devoted to product development and identifying high-value markets. WomenCraft chooses its product lines based on a Market Feasibility Study. WomenCraft employs active marketing strategies to tap into local, regional and international markets. WomenCraft’s members work closely with consultants to expand their product development and quality control skills, without hampering their natural creativity.

A model employer. WomenCraft provides its members and their families with services such as: early childhood education; access to medical care and health education seminars; life skills training; access to micro-loans; and lunch. These comprehensive services enables WomenCraft’s members to have the freedom, health and strength necessary to be committed, creative and productive in their work.

Womencraft ProductsSustainable. Skilled international and national staff set up and manage WomenCraft while training Tanzanian members to take over daily operations. By utilizing a hands-on, job-shadowing approach, rural Tanzanian women gain the technical and management experience necessary to run a successful operation. Professional management staff and an advisory board are available to provide guidance as needed.

A community builder. Rural women from two countries work as one team with one common goal. These relationships help to reduce conflict between refugees and refugee-hosting communities.

By applying this unique and progressive design to a business, WomenCraft envisions a model enterprise that can sustain itself, grow and bring economic independence to all its members.

To find out more about WomenCraft, please visit www.womencraft.org


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