Sunday afternoon

After a very wet Jumapili asabuhi, the sun came out and we had a lovely Jumapili jioni (Sunday evening). The boys took off exploring with some guests from Guernsey who are staying next door for a few days. Rob and I had a sing a long on the verandah before Wilbrod and Winston arrived for their English lesson.

Wilbrod and Winston work as carpenters for Tumaini but their English is very poor. Like so many they can read and write ok in English but their speaking is poor. Wilbrod is 21 and only completed Form 1 in Secondary School he is keen to complete his carpentry training but needs to pass an English exam to do so. Winston in 19 and only completed Standard 7 (final year of primary school). They are both very keen to improve their English. For me to be more efficient in our time together I need better Swahili. It is great for my Swahili….. I ask them a question in Swahili, they translate it to English then give me the answer in English. It is a slow process but very rewarding. They will come again Jumapilli ijayo at saa tisa (next Sunday at 3 o’clock).

When Winston and Wilbrod left I was able to call in my boys 'watoto njoo nyumbani sasa'(children come home now).....I am sure it is not grammatically correct, but they new what I meant.

Tomorrow we home school again, I am hoping the boys will be just as willing pupils!!! Then I will drop up to the nursing school and sort a plan for some tutorials for the nursing students who have failed exams and are desperate for help before they need to resit their exams. I went for a run yesterday evening and was stopped by three different nursing students wanting help. It is going to be a busy couple of weeks; but thats the way I like it!!!


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