Afternoons at Murgwanza playing field

Thank you all for your prayers over our home schooling, things have certainly gone better the last couple of days. Please keep praying!! It certainly helped that Rob stayed home yesterday morning to help – 2 adults to 3 naughty boys is a much better ratio.

Balloon BoyOn Monday afternoon up at the oval, a family from the UK had some balloons they gave out to the kids. When you give out free stuff in Africa it is like feeding seagulls, you think you will just give one, then kids and hands come from everywhere. The kids got such joy from a simple thing like a balloon. They were all very skilled at blowing them up and some could even tie them, but Mitchell taught them a new trick……how to make a really annoying noise with your balloon as you let the air out!!! Rob has caught this on video, the sound was amazing. We were conscious however that Synod was going on just inside the cathedral and we were perhaps disturbing their meeting, but no one seemed to mind.

I have got hold of Junior English –Swahili dictionary to help me with my English lessons for James,  Winston and Wilbrod. You can look up an English word and it will give you a definition in Swahili, it is much better than our simple phrase book. I am open to any suggestions or tips from you teachers out there, especially those with ESL skills!

And in case you didn't notice, Rob's put a English<-->Swahili dictionary form on this website so if we post some Kiswahili, you can see what it means.

Boys are back at school today, I actually had to wake Jake and Oliver this morning, this has NEVER happened before - this Africa life must be exhausting! I am heading up to the nursing school to arrange some tutorials for the students that have failed a subject or two in their recent exams and are all busily cramming before they resit them next week.

Rob continues to be in high demand where ever he goes. Continuing to collect info for the Diocese website and solving virus issues and database problems…..all too technical for me!


Time Difference

After all is said and done, more is said then done.~

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