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Womens WeeklyWe have met many people in our time in Murgwanza. We have met George, Judy, Joseph and Daniel. Also we have met Tuombe, Jumapili and Tumaini and literally, these names mean to pray, Sunday and Hope. I am always being asked when I introduce the boys what their names mean!! Alas I have no deep and meaningful tale to tell.

Today is post day and we got mail!!!! Thank you Jo for the parcel of reading material. I laughed when I opened the parcel and saw The Australian Women's Weekly but I have been engrossed and so were the boys. Seeing pictures of the Queensland Floods was amazing. We get no news here so it was interesting to see pics from home. Mitchell also is engrossed in his K-Zone mag. What we really are missing are peppermints -  Mentos, Lifesavers or Eclipse mints would be great......next time anyone is posting!! Asanta sana. Mitchell has just come in and showed me a joke in the K-Zone magazine that he sent to them in kindy which has finally made print. "Where's the best place to talk to a monster? From a long way away!"

Saskia's Walk to work the hospital in the mornings

[Oliver] Professional Kids only!! Do not try this at home. This is Tumaini. He is doing a back flip over the rock.[End Oliver]
Well the boys have many young friends. Yesterday they were doing stunts beside our house. There was double-pike-tripple-somersaults, reverse back flips and human pyramids. Our boys had such a fantastic time with these kids and these kids has such a fantastic time with our boys. Mitch, Jake and oliver were too scared to try anything more than a rounded off cart wheely type of thing.

The boys took Ellie (from next door who is from the UK here for 6 months with Womancraft) this morning to snack rock and Oli's rock and the caves on the ridge they have found. We also showed her what textas are  as she had no idea. Apparently they are called 'felt tips' in England.

Movie night tonight, I even found some popcorn, I will attempt to pop later.

Map masterpieceWe had a map that was lying around of Tanzania. It had years of blue-tac attempts behind it. Dried bits of crusty blue-tac everywhere. We tried with some of the blue-tac we brought with us but it only lasted about a day then fell off. Rob really wanted the map on the wall so he decided to do something fancy. As you can see, he has made a magnificently rustic work of art.

Tomorrow I have another english lesson with Winston and Wilbrod and Biology with Tuombe who has been ill with Malaria for a couple of weeks. James is coming along great guns with his English and my Swahili is improving but the locals still laugh at me - but not as much as they do at Rob!!

We had a text from Gershom last night who hopes to come and visit us wiki ijayo. Rob will go today and see if our new bed is ready.

Roger and Diane from Geurnsy arrived during the week. Roger is here to audit the books for Tumaini. He was most interested in our car and Tumaini may well be interested in buying it at the end of the year, this would be a great weight of our minds. Onother mzungu in Murgwmaza, Heidi, is here. She is the founder of Womancraft. We were chatting with her last night about exporting their product to Australia. I think Rob volunteered to be the local distrubutor!! They are really lovely products and help the female artisans with a reliable income.

On the work scene, we finally had our meeting with DR Baronga yesterday after two days of being told to come tomorrow. He is very excited about the plans for the website and improving the internet access for the hospital....Rob is on the case. Dr Barongo gave us the Hospitals Annual Report to read and use to write the blurb for the website. It is so interesting to compare the challenges and issues faced by a developing country hospital versus Royal North Shore. For example the greatest hospital presentations, admissions and deaths are all from Malaria at Murgwanza......at RNS, not so much.




Time Difference

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love.~

Henry Drummond
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