George's Parents

I think George really appreciated me taking the time to find out about his history and where he grew up etc.
Well I said I'd like to go to the home where he grew up and meet his parents and family. George said we will walk there. I said OK. It was 20kms away. They walk everywhere here. Then I was thinking...maybe we could drive closer by....I'm an old man now and I don't have the energy I used toTongue out. Anyway, I communicated this to George and he implied that it is no problem, we can drive the whole way there. I thought cool, save my poor legs.

On Friday arvo, George, Gershom and I jumped into the SURF and headed off for Mogoma. We drive right along the ridge towards Burundi on the dirt track. We went through Mogoma and then down the big hill into the valley. When we were nearly down the bottom George said "hapa"!. We needed to turn off the track up this walking track thing through peoples' "Shamba's" and past their huts. My goodness. I was questioning the validity of driving along this track but George kept assuring me - "No problem, No problem". So a couple of kilometres of this and I finally had to stop 'cause a tree was in the way. But we could see his house from here. I'm so thankful I have a 4WD as there's no way a 2WD would have made it.

George's family have very little. They grow some maize and his father makes some wood products to sell at the Mogoma market - a huge walk up a massive hill carrying chairs and tables on his head.
There are 8 children in Georges family but one died recently so there are 7 living. They live in a small bamboo and mud house. There were goats living inside. George is the only one in the family who speaks any english as his parents could not afford to send any of his siblings to get an education - even though it only costs a uniform, books and pens etc. I gave his father some money to help to get a tin roof on his house.

I got a bit of footage on the way back out the track.....




Time Difference

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