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Jumapili nzuri (A good Sunday)


Jumapili Nzuri(good Sunday), we had a good time  from morning to the evening. First  Rob,Sas and I  went to Church at 8:00am to 10:30am. We had some ashes on our forehead ready to fast for fourty days as Jesus did before he was crucified(Easter preparations).

The choirs sang before the first reading which was from Genesis 2:1-19,seond reading from and the third reading from the Gospel.

Internet CafeAbsolm the principle of the bible college led as to the sermony,he talked about the fall of Man and gender equility that is we are all born in the origin of sin what we need is the grace of the Lord on us to be Holy and his Blessings will be with us forever because he gave us the authority over evrything on earth.

Internate cafe: when we got back home the dinning room changed to internet cafe when Ruth and Ellie came for internet service, they blog for about an hour.it was great having them and having fun too.

UNOWillbrod and Winston: it was so good having them we played cards and that is UNO game.It was new to Wilbrd and Winston and they catch it faster,everyone loved it at the end of the game Big Boy Oliver was the winner with UNA card.

A visit to Wilbrod's home: we took a guiter and a drum with us,on our way there Robert was playig a drum,the big boy's home it is just near by the Murgwanza primaly school. We arrived and had some soda and biscuits,the boys loves Soda they were all happy and everyone enjoyed,then we started singing swahili songs (niwabaraka-niwabaraka-niwabaraka a-a)that means the Lord of Blessings and english songs father (Abraham), it was realy funny and good.Wilbrod showed us his carpentry certificates ofr glade 2, he have a nice certficate with 'A and B'That means A for Very good and B for Good. He is a hard working man with big incipirations.

Off to the boys houseThere after we had some prayers and everyone prayed to our Father in heaven,we prayed that God could touch us,Bless us,direct our paths.I prayed for our healths,but also to Bless the work of the hands of Wilbrod and Winston at Tumaini and their life and could still have Faith in Jesus and Believe in him because the BIBLE tell's us that ''for nothing is imposible with God''.We had one song and had to live tha place and go back home for English class lessons.
While the English lessons were proceeding the boys were playing while I and Robert were doing some computers. Willbrod and Winston had to go home after having there class with Saskia, the boys went to Bed ,Saskia went to watch a movie at the girl's place(Ellie's) the good neighbours.I and Robert had alot to do with computer and fixing my broken flashing mobile phone through internet we were lucky to fix it out and it started functioning again ait was like magic 'cause I did not Know about that .SodaThis is were I realise that IT is good and I need to Learn it more and more.It was already late and we all had to go to Bed.


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