Snack Rock

Yesterday I performed self surgery on our first jigger - in me! Rob of course has a photo of the event. Fortunately for you, he was not home when I started and so only has the finished product on record. On Tuesday I noticed a lump on my foot, but it did not hurt and was not itchy. I showed Gershom and he said he did not think it was a jigger so I forgot about it. On Friday morning, it had not changed but I was curious, so I stuck a pin in it. The very thing we had told George NOT to do when he had his boil - but we all know nurses are bad a taking medical advice. So pin went in and eggs came out.......Mitchell was not impressed and thought it was gross. But once you start something you must finish, so I kept digging and I think I have cleared away all the eggs and the little jigger as well. I have shown, George and Godriva and James (always good to get three opinions), they all think it is ok now. So I have been initiated and am truly African. Since the jigger, my joggers have become my new best friend and my sandals are feeling neglected!


We fare-welled Gershom on Wednesday morning. It was lovely to have him stay for a week and assist us with swahili- english communications. Before he left we had to take him to snack rock to show off our view. He and Oli are great mates now and we will miss him very much.

Today we were expecting the arrival of our new oven and stove from Mwanza, BUT this is Africa and it has not arrived. We have been told maybe Monday or Tuesday. Godriva was so excited and now disappointed so we are going to Ngara later to see if we can get one there. She has heard that there are some Arabs in Ngara who have stoves to sell....... here's hoping. I even bought a frozen chicken to roast in the new oven for a Sunday roast tomorrow. I opted  for the frozen rather than live as I feared if we bought home a live one, we would end up with a pet chicken and not a roast dinner. We have not had chicken since we left Australia so looking forward to a Sunday Roast. If we cannot get an new oven we do have a small temporary one we may be able to use.

Home schooling and English lessons seems to take up the bulk of my time. I am actually enjoying both (depending on the boys mood of the day). Mitchell has given up at NAPS, he was so unhappy we thought it best to stop now and we will reassess how we school when the Klein's return. I did teach a lesson at the nursing school yesterday and it went well I think apart from the technical difficulties. The power cord I was using for the data projector was a little dodgy and half way through I had to resort to the blackboard. That was a test of my spelling!!

English Lessons

The rains are well and truly here now and our water tank is always full. At the moment I have no view beyond our verandah. We have been having a daily storm at about 1 pm. Yesterday I heard the thunder and saw the lightning while I was at the nursing school and had to bolt home to get in before the rain hit. George was laughing as I came running down the path.

Rob is very busy still with computer help, creating databases and virus scanning as well as general help desk. We are continuing to gather info for the website but it is a slow process.

During the week we met with Vithalis, the Youth Pastor in the area, who was adamant that education is the key to break the poverty cycle here in Murgwanza and Africa generally. We continue to be burdened by peoples education needs and have a real heart for trying to help out where we can. I truly feel my English teaching will make a difference to these boys. All education beyond Standard 7 is in English and so improving their english is certainly going to improve their overall education prospects.

The boys are well, missing Australia at times but generally having a good time. This rainy season business will test my patience as I cannot send them out to play. Oli is still busy in the garden and out with the goats. Jake is enjoying NAPS and is even going 4 days next week as he has tests to do on Monday and Tuesday. Mitchell is enjoying school at home. Next week we are going to Mwanza and Bunda for a week. We will visit the Archers in Bunda. The boys are excited about 4 wazungu watoto and a trampoline. While in Mwanza we will stock up on some goodies from the English supermarket and do a few other jobs we need to do.

We are still awaiting the arrival of our residents visa's. Apparently they are ready in Dar we just need them sent Ngara for us to collect and get our passports stamped. Please keep praying for the safe arrival of them soon. We have sent many emails, but keep forgetting to ring the office in Dar during business hours (which are variable!).


Time Difference

There are three things that remain - faith, hope and love - and the greatest of these is love.~

1 Corinthians 13:13
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