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Last night we went to a goodbye party for Roger and Diana who have spent a month here auditing the Tumaini operations. They are from Guernsey Is' and this is their third time here.
Well Bishop Aaron Kijanjali was there along with Godfrey, the General Secretary for the Kagera diocese. Also Philip, the Vicar General and many others were there including David and most of the Tumaini staff.
It was a great time of fellowship, laughter, encouragement and eating. 7PM was the official start time but in true African style, it did not kick off until near 9PM. So we're fairly dreary now.

The boys are meant to be home schooling now but Mitch and Oli have snuck away down the valley to build some dam on a small water course coming out of the rock. They went there yesterday and have probably got three hundred and sixty million Jiggers as they came home all muddy from top to tail. They are itching to take us there to see what they are up too.

Jake's at NAPS today doing some tests. He wanted to go and paticipate even though it's not normally his NAPS day today.

This coming Saturday, we have organised to drive to Mwanza then Bunda where we will hang with the Archer's for a few days. We are all looking forward to this. Matthew and Samantha Archer are working in partnership with the Church of Tanzania and are involved in church-based leadership training. They are from Sydney, Australia and have kids. You can read more about their ministry here.
We have many things to purchase in Mwanza for ourselves and for others in Murgwanza - things you just can't get in Ngara. Pastor Samuel (Ephraim's Dad) will accompany us half way on our Safari. We will drop him off and pick him up on our way back. He is going to his family home to visit his family.

Raining CowsWell I think the rainy season has finally come. We've been in cloud for the last few days and our view has dissapeared. At least our water tank is now filling naturally. The other day it was raining cats and dogs for ages. It even rained cows!!! They messed up the great work George has been doing in the garden. The cows are not the only ones who messed up Georges work - Jake and Oli were being farmers the other day, digging the vege gardens. They turned over one garden they thought was weeds but George politely informed them that they were Cucumbers. Oh well.



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One man considers himself rich, yet has nothing to keep permanently: another man considers himself poor, yet has great and indestrucible riches~

Proverbs 13:7
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