GoatWednesday jioni here as I type; thunder rumbling for the third time today and some rain to go with it. All boys plus mum had the day off school today. Normally a NAPS day but they were still doing tests for subjects Jake and Oliver don’t do so we all had a day off. Jake and Oli to NAPS tomorrow and Mitchell home schooling with me in the morning and I’m teaching at the nursing school in the afternoon.

To fill in the day Jake and Oli have been assisting the outside help with a couple of projects. We woke to the sad news that a goat had got into our beans overnight in the vege patch so a fence was in order. We suspect the culprit was a 2 month old baby goat Women craft have waiting for transport to a village for a milking goat money raising project. Whilst its mother and big brother were tied to a tree, they don’t tie the baby as the theory is that they don’t stray from the mother; but obviously a fresh patch of beans was enough incentive to stray. So out came pangas and hoes and George, Oli and Jake whipped up a fence in no time.

Once our fence was complete Oli moved on to helping the Womancraft crew to complete the goat pen for the three goats till they are ready to be moved on. Unfortunately it is still not complete and the goats have just been escorted away under cover out of the rain, and hopefully away from our beans!!

I have been busy today up at the nursing school and hospital trying to sort out nursing student fees and payment. Whilst there I have been given another class to teach tomorrow so have spent the afternoon preparing. I am undecided whether to risk the dodgy power plugs for the data projector and use my PowerPoint presentation or go the old fashion chalk and blackboard way.

Robs been glued to his computer for days constructing a database for the Tumaini group to store and manage the thousands of school students they support.

We have a steady flow of post now every few days which is great. The other day Grandma sent the alphabet in cut out cardboard pieces. Oliver studiously (NOT) put them in correct order. News clippings and lollies and mints and vegemite also gratefully accepted. Good to hear about the pay rise for nurses!!


On Saturday we are going to Mwanza and Bunda for a week. We have heard there is an English Supermarket in Mwanza and our shopping list is growing longer by the day. The girls next door are also requesting that we ‘bring home the bacon’.  Not sure how we will keep it cold for the 6-7 hour return drive.

Tonight Rob and I are going next door for a spot of Scrabble. Megan has made her own Scrabble board and letters – both Swahili and English words are accepted.

Still trying to source a new oven and stove for the house. Godriva is bravely soldiering on with a small borrowed one we have. Rob also went to check the post today for our EMS from Dar with our resident visa’s inside, but no luck; maybe tomorrow!

That’s all for now from downtown Murgwanza, baadaye!


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