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Boons on the Bonnet!

View from Bunda

We have returned to Mwanza after a wonderful 3 day break in Bunda with the Archers. Asanta sana tena for your hospitality.  The boys have swam and jumped on the trampoline and laughed and played the Wii and played with the dogs and the chickens and the turtle. Together we drove to the Vodacom tower for a panoramic view of Bunda, Lake Victoria and the Serengeti where Jake sang the Tanzania National Anthem. Yesterday we drove to the edge of the Serengeti to a Game Park Reserve where we enjoyed lunch and a swim in our own private pool.

On the way to Bunda we passed the Western Corridor of the Serengeti. We saw impala, wildebeest, zebra and baboons. On our way out today we put bananas on the bonnet and ended up with ‘Boons on the bonnet’ . The boys had a great time hanging out with the Archer kids and we had a great time hanging out with the Archer parents. We didn’t realise how in need of a break we were from the constant visitors and demands on our time and resources we experience in Murgwanza.

It was good to check out Sam’s home school and talk about home schooling challenges and advantages. We hope to be able to share some resources in the future.

On our return down the mountain the trusty SURF snapped the stabiliser bar mount (whatever that is!) So the next day Rob and Matt limped into Musoma to find a fundi to repair it;  whilst in Musoma waiting for the car they had a ride on a piki piki and chapattis and soda for chai. This prompted Matt to give our boys a spin on his piki piki on their return. This is something the boys have been hanging out for since their arrival in Africa.

Rob played fairy princesses and loved it !?!?

Tomorrow we will hit Mwanza and endeavour to finally replace our broken oven. With the expected increase in power outages planned for the year due to decreased rainfall, we are thinking a gas stove is the way to go. Godriva will be so pleased to have a descent stove to use and we will be so pleased by the return of chapattis.

Boys have hit the pool again at the Hotel in Mwanza. We are watching the World Cup Cricket Final with a bunch of India's finest. Hope India wins or it could get messy!!

We look forward to returning to sleeping in Murgwanza and our new rafiki and beautiful views off the ridge on Friday. Next week Liz Burns returns to Murgwanza and the week after the Kliens.

Enjoy some photos we snapped on our Journey.



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