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Back in Murgwanza and sick of the Beeps

After a lovely 6 day break away in Mwanza and Bunda we are now ‘home’ again in beautiful Murgwanza. The breakaway was great but a road trip in Africa is even more tiresome than one in Australia. Especially with 3 watoto and no McDonalds stops along the way! Apart from that we had to contend with some very bumpy dirt roads, enormous speed bumps, crazy super-fast buses, the occasionally thunder storm and worst of all the BEEPS. We are not sure why every driver in Tanzania feels the need to beep their horn every time they pass you or are behind you or are just driving at speed down the road!! Those of you who have been here will know exactly what I am talking about. To add to our load we had our new stove and a huge full gas bottle in the boot. These extra passengers made the dirt road driving even more stressful. It’s a long way back to Mwanza if the stove breaks on route. So far it all appears ok.

So now we are home and while Rob is destroying a kitchen cupboard to make room for the gas bottle for our new stove, I am enjoying a cuppa and reacquainting myself with our gorgeous view. Mitch is on his DS (again) and Jake and Oli went straight out the back panga in hand and are building a hut out of sticks; I don’t think they even have been in the house yet!! As I just look out to check their progress, I see Oliver up a tree as usual!!

After being spoiled the last week with good old western cuisine, we are really looking forward to the rice and stew Godriva has left for us. I am really going to struggle without this house help when we get back. There is nothing better than arriving home from a long drive to find my dinner already cooked for me. Rob has now finished installing the new stove so we are ‘cooking with gas’. I can’t wait to see Godriva’s face in the morning when she sees the new stove!!

On Sunday we are going to one of the local village churches where Rob and/or I have been asked to speak. Given that I did our Commissioning Service, I have decided it’s Robs turn. He is going to sing a couple of songs and explain where they have come from in the bible. I may offer a word or two with some gentle encouragement.

 For now I'm pooped and ready for bed.


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