Well if I was thinking today would be quiet and I would have plenty of time to blog I was mistaken.  I enjoyed a lovely dinner and movie with the girls next door last night, but got home late which only added to my tiredness. I was not asleep long when Jake appeared at my bedside complaining of ‘home sickness’ but in actual fact it was ‘vomit sickness’. So as you do, I cleaned up vomit in the middle of the night and moved to his bed with him. The vomiting carried on all night and not a lot of sleep was had by either of us. He also informed me in the middle of the night that he had two jiggers in his little toe (not related to the vomiting).

So this morning we awoke weary and Jake still unwell, he now has a fever and headache as well. Godriva and George think he has malaria – which is usually the first reaction when anyone is sick. Now I am in a bind – do I go to the hospital for a malaria tests or wait and see if it’s gastro that subsides. Jake is very unkeen to go to the hospital.

Meanwhile we are waiting for an email from MAF with a scanned copy of our residents permits which have now been found in Dar and are being sent via EMS today (we hope). We plan to go to immigration today in Ngara with the scanned copies (when the internet in MAF works again and the email arrives!) and hope that this is enough to get an extension on our visa till the originals arrive.

Meanwhile Liz is still in Kigali awaiting luggage which is always expected on the ‘next’ plane!! Wishing Rose was here to advise on Jakes health.

Oliver’s outside up a tree somewhere or helping George in the garden; Mitch has done his school work for me this morning without much fuss. Rob is working in between checking his email for the elusive permits.

This Sunday coming we are going to another village church to sing and share. Winston and Wilbroad are going to join us. I have been practicing my intro spiel in Swahili so may even give it a go.

We are tired and stressed and would appreciate your continued prayers.


Time Difference

We have the resources, but do we have the will? We can no longer sit in self righteousness and blame God for the unethical distribution of His provision.~

Ken Duncan
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