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God is good again!!

After a roller coaster week of emotions we have made it to Friday night and looking forward to the weekend. Sorry it’s such a long post but it has been a big week!

Update on Jake he is all good now. It is tough being a mum and a health professional and having to make medical decision about your kids. This compounded by being exhausted, stressed and in a developing country dealing with illness’s I am not familiar with. In the end after many anxious emails I made the decision not to treat as malaria as it was not confirmed  but to wait and see. Thankfully this was the right decision and Jake was much better the next day. I am sure the locals thought I was mad since I had been given medicine for malaria to then not give it to Jake. Anyway now I have a  treatment dose ready to go if we ever do have malaria. Praise God I had a lovely Christian colleague (Iga) from the nursing school to guide me through the hospital outpatient department, lab test and pharmacy which all require separate payments in between each area. Jake is chuffed he now has his very own Murgwanza Hospital id card; I am hoping we never need to use it again!!

Update on Liz – she has arrived. Rob picked her up last night from the border at Rusumo. We had a meal and a bit of a debrief last night but I still have sooooo many questions. We are really pleased she is back and so are many of the locals!!

Update on residents permits – we got the scanned copy via email on Wednesday afternoon. We went to immigration on Thursday but they want the originals (after saying on Wed the copies would be ok). So we now are waiting for the originals to come from Dar via courier, hopefully they will arrive on Monday. Our tourist visa expires on Sunday but immigration was ok with that (on Thursday anyway!!). We asked what happens on Monday of our permits have not arrived by courier – the response was ‘we will talk further then’. Please keep praying this will be resolved fully.

Update on Kleins, they should now be in Kigali and Rob is going to collect them from Rusumo tomorrow afternoon. When I told the nursing students today that Mr Nigel would be back tomorrow there was much cheering and clapping and they all wanted to come with us Rusumo to escort them home!!

It is interesting there are so many people around here who have never been further afield than Ngara. Many have asked if we can take them to Rusumo because they have never been. George our gardener has lived his whole life in Murgwanza and never been more than about 30km from his home. Around here the main mode of transport is on foot. If you have no reason to go somewhere it’s a long walk just for a look!!

In between all our social dramas of visa’s, illness and waiting for the long termers to return, we have been busy working and home schooling too. I have taught English this week to 5 students of varying levels of English. I have taught computers (don’t laugh anyone, Rob thinks it is hilarious enough) to nursing students and I have been home schooling our boys.

Rob is still working on the Tumaini database, as well as always receiving requests for virus scanning and treating ‘sick’ computers. Today he was up at the hospital sorting out troubles there.  Liz has brought from Australia four more routers for Rob. He will set these up at the hospital, diocese office and two other lucky recipients; he still has much on his plate.

The boys are well but we are realising we need to gain back some control of our time. It is very easy to get caught up with all the needs and the boys have suffered from a busy home and not much family time. So today we all had lunch together and got back in the bible, it was a great time of reflection and renewal. After lunch we decided to walk into Ngara a trip we do many times a week and sometimes a day by car but many do not have that luxury. At one stage as we headed down the hill we had quite a crowd of followers tagging along. Not wanting to overdo it we got 3 piki piki’s back to Murgwanza. This is something the boys have wanted to do for ages. Despite Olivers obvious fear and displeasure at the thought of riding a piki and him insisting I tell the driver to go pole pole, he did proclaim half way home ‘actually this is quite fun!’ That kid is gonna kill me!!

Rob has some picture and other news to post but he has gone next door to watch a movie. I decided to opt for an early night and stayed home with the boys. Tomorrow is market day, this is always exhausting and the some of the students we have been helping are coming back to continue work on fixing our driveway. So now this blog is done and you are up to date I will have a cuppa and crushed but still delicious TIM TAM that arrived this week all the way from Adelaide! Despite the parcel being damaged and taking over a month to arrive thankfully the Twisties and TIM TAMS were still inside.

Also thank you those who have been praying and emailing me this week, it has been a rough one but just to let you know I FINALLY got to snack rock this morning. Not quite alone as I had stormed out of home schooling so was followed by apologising children!! But they did then leave and I managed a few minutes of peace and quiet. Please pray I make a habit of this (quiet time, not storming out of home schooling!!) We also have been blessed by some lovely Tanzanian Pastors here who have gently reminded me in the midst of my woes that God is good and He has all things in control. I have been refreshed and renewed by their obvious faith and trust in God; Thank you Absalom and Vitahlis you are top blokes!!


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Faith is the key to fit the door of Hope, but there is no power anywhere like love turning it.~

Elaine Emans
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