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Cricket in Murgwanza?


Yes, that's right, Cricket in Murgwanza. Absalom's son Gilbert had built a cricket bat out of an old piece of timber so we cut some fresh sticks from a nearby tree, dug some holes and planted two sets of stumps.
It took a while for me to teach some basic rules of cricket but eventually we had a fantastic game going. One dude (actually, the one in the checkered shirt) just didn't get the hang of being safe behind the crease and once he hit the ball, he just kept running back and forwards until he or the other runner got out. Very funny.

Picci Picci

And here's a photo of my delighted family taking a pikipiki ride from Ngara to Murgwanza. Engines are cut off going down hills to save petrol. It costs 1000Tsh from Ngara to Murgwanza. That's about AU$0.70 at the current conversion rate. The current state of the $US is good for us at the moment but not good for people in Tanzania unfortunately.

These motorcycles are Chinese made and are extremely cheap compared to a Japanese motorcycle. They cost about 1.5Million TSH which is about AU$1000. A basic Japanese bike costs about 8million TSH.

And this is on our walk to town yesterday. It's only about 4kms down the valley and back up again.


I finally got 2 new back tyres. David Kibenza went to Mwanza and bought for me. A diocese driver was in Mwanza and brought them back to Murgwanza. They cost me 700,000TSH.Tyre Good Dunlop Japanese tyres.....I think.....at least "Made in Japan" is written on them. An 8cm diameter rock went through my last tyre. I took it too the local "tyre fixer". He implied that he could fix no problem even though there was a massive gash in the tyre with steel belts poking out everywhere. He found an old thong thing and glued it over the hole inside the tyre. He pumped it up and it didn't go flat!!! I wasn't confident driving on this tyre and with two other worn out tyres, felt I needed 2 new ones. The labour costs for putting on two new tyres and doing a wheel rotation was 3000TSH....that's AU$2.00. There's no such thing as a wheel balance or alignment here in Ngara though.

And below is one of those amazing Chameleon things. It's amazing how they change colour.
Ghecko's are everywhere here. I climbed into bed the other night and a ghecko ran from under my sheets to under my pillow. I thought about eating it but I was tired.....maybe next time.Wink



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