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A bit about Murgwanza - Tanzania

Tanzania is a nation located in central East Africa known for its vastness and famous wildlife reserves such as Serengeti and for Africa' s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is in the bottom 10% of the world's economies in terms of per capita income. Industry is mainly limited to processing agricultural products - the majority of Tanzanians being subsistence farmers.

Sadly, there is a high mortality rate for both children and adults - HIV/AIDS and Malaria being a constant drain on Health Care Services.

Murgwanza - TanzaniaWe served in Murgwanza which is very close to the Rwanda border in the north west of Tanzania. Murgwanza is a rural area consisting of a hospital (where Saskia was involved), church and small school. Locals are engaged in subsistence agriculture and struggle for adequate food, education and health care.

The village of Murgwanza lies within the diocese of Kagera, in the north-western region of Tanzania. The nearest town is Ngara, approximately 4km from Murgwanza.

The local district hospital was built in the 1930’s by Australian missionaries from the Church Missionary Society (CMS). The close proximity to the border of Rwanda made Murgwanza the primary receiving hospital during the 1994 genocide
Currently, the Murgwanza Hospital has approximately 200 beds. There is a strong presence of easily communicable diseases such as malaria and dysentery, along with the enormous burden of HIV/AIDs, of which the incidence is estimated to be 17% in this region.
There is a severe shortage of qualified health care staff at the hospital, which is a result of the remote location of Murgwanza and the poverty of the region. The hospital currently(2010) only has two full-time doctors and six medical assistants (called clinical officers) to cover the entire patient load. The shortage of qualified nurses results in a ratio of one nurse to every 36 patients—a figure unheard of in Australian hospitals.
Find out a little more about the Murgwanza Hospital here.... www.kageradiocese.info

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