Who are Sas 'n' Rob et al?Who are Sas n Rob et al?
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Please consider...

What is best, I don't know but please consider.... When presented with the question "Would you rather us send money or use the money to come and visit?", almost unanimously, the answer was "visit visit". The fact that we travel to the other side of the world to spend time with people far less 'FORTUNate' is extremely precious to the locals here in Tanzania. It is such a blessing to them and equally to us. I have had more hugs in 1 week than the rest of my entire life. Spending time hanging out with these people is soooooo special. So if you've got some spare cash and wa....[ Read more ]


Now we are close. Just a three hour bus ride and one more border to cross and we are in Tanzania. Joberg airport was amazing, we certainly didn't feel like we were in an African airport! Our driver told us proudly it was the biggest airport in Africa. On our return leg we have a 6 hour transit in Joberg, we don't anticipate it will be uncomfortable. We arrived in Kigali about 615pm and paid for our single entry visa to the officials that did not smile or speak then we held our breath as we waited for our luggage to arrive. One suitcase handle is broken but all contents st....[ Read more ]


After a surprise bump into a work colleague at the international terminal and a quick coffee, we were on a 15 hour flight to Johannesburg. We flew South African Air but went on a Quantas flight - still not certain what the deal is with the alliance arrangement is but quite frankly my dear... Saskia doesn't do so well on planes as she can't sleep sitting up but I don't really mind. I love being served food on a tray. I eat everything. If it was appropriate, I'd lick the little dishes as well. I watched a couple of movies to pass the time. First one was as slow as a wet week....[ Read more ]

Here we go again

Goodbye Sydney, tomorrow Rob and I fly out to Africa for three weeks. Sydney - Joberg - Kigali - Murgwanza - Mwanza - Nairobi - Melindi - Nairobi - Kigali - Joberg - Sydney.  It has been over 18 months since we left Tanzania in January 2012. I am excited to see old friends again, but apprehensive about being a tourist in Africa. Rob and I will be travelling on buses and transiting in airports. It will be a much more raw adventure. We will be without our car and without our boys.  There has recently been violence in Kenya and so we are reminded that travelling in....[ Read more ]

The Last Blog

We are home, back on Aussie soil and strangely enough it feels like we never left. Yesterday after a mammoth effort by some good mates to get our furniture back in the house we had our first night in our house and in our beds. We also enjoyed the best tasting sausage sandwich I have ever had in my life; the smell of the BBQ cooking was sensational. We all slept incredibly well and it was a mad dash to church this morning. We are overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ we have and not quite sure what to do with it all. The boys are loving opening up boxes and finding old books....[ Read more ]

Mourning Murgwanza

No more sleeps - the time is up and we have left Murgwanza for the last time. It was sooooo sad and strange driving out not knowing when or if we will return. The last couple of days in Murgwanza were really busy with farewells and packing up and we are exhausted emotionally and physically. I have shed many many tears as have many of my local boys. Our last full day in Murgwanza we had chai at the nursing school, lunch at Tumaini Fund and dinner with Absalom and his family. Amongst that we had so many visitors who came by just to sit with us. It was so tough saying go....[ Read more ]

January Newsletter

It is with heavy hearts that we sit down to write this final newsletter from Murgwanza. During the week we have been reading through the past 12 newsletters we have sent. We have been re-living the journey of the past 12 months - living, loving, working and serving in Murgwanza. We came to Murgwanza with one purpose - to share Christ's Love by loving and serving the people here. I hope and pray that this is what we have done. On the 3rd of January we drive out of Murgwanza bound for Mwanza and then onto Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam then home to Australia. For so long, whenever ....[ Read more ]

Happy New Year - from Murgwanza

Happy New Year everybody. You'll never guess what Jake's been up to. [ Read more ]

Visitors, visiting and too much soda

So much to tell since Christmas - we have been busy attending farewells and visiting peoples homes and a village church visit as well. On Boxing Day I had given Godriva the day off but she invited us to her house for a meal so she still worked. We had a lovely meal and the kids all had a great play together. Godriva’s 3 year old, Nifa, is in love with Mitchell and loved to play with all the boys. Since Godriva had the day off I needed to make the bread and after the success of the goat I was feeling quite confident. Let me just say it was sensational bread and rose beaut....[ Read more ]

Children's Day - by Jake

I Just got back from village church. We first arrived and went to the pasters house and had mandazi and tea We rehearsed what we were going to say then we went to church. We sat up the front and sang the slow him they alwas do when the people dressed in whight robes walk down the lie. There was a short bit of kswahili talk then the choir sang a song. Then a child came up and read o the church from the bible. It was cute. Then there was another short bit of talking after that the mothers union choir sang a song. Then another child read to us from the bible. Then one big grou....[ Read more ]

Jake's Christmas in Tanzania

Some reflective thoughts from Jake about Christmas he jotted down in his mini-journal. And some more thoughts from Christmas day - 2011. [ Read more ]

Christmas in Murgwanza

Christmas in Murgwanza (and Mitchells birthday) Thankfully the sun decided to shine yesterday and today in Murgwanza. It’s been different having Christmas here but the message stays the same. Jesus came to earth as a babe in human form to save us from our sins. Yesterday my big boy turned 11 (now that was another different Christmas all those years ago) but in Murgwanza we still had a great day. We went as a family to the Saturday market for the last time yesterday. It was particularly busy as it was the Saturday before Christmas but still I am sure not as crazy as Horns....[ Read more ]

Can't think of a title

It was lovely to open my emails this morning and have many long emails. Now I have a task to reply to them. We have just made a quick trip to town with the main reason being to go to the bank. We have piles of Tanzanian shillings to deposit for various people and projects we have been sent money for. The largest size note in Tz is 10,000 so as you can imagine with 2.2 million in my bag it is quite a pile. Crazy really - we get our money transferred via Western Union to the post office by Rob’s dad. We collect piles of cash then have to go to the bank and deposit it to the ....[ Read more ]


We're very happy to report that our trusty Hilux Surf has been sold to the Diocese of Kagera Solar Lighting Project care of Andy Bennett. Praise God for aligning our need with Andy's. So now we have two weeks and a drive to Mwanza in a borrowed car (the same one). I'm really starting to look forward to Family, Friends, Church, Pacific Hills, USA-Made-Ovation Guitars, Pedalling 27" Carbon, Thrashing 26" MTB, Native Gardens, Good Coffee, tasty food etc. etc. It will be very difficult coming back to an extremely materialistic society though!!!! I was just chatting to a youn....[ Read more ]

16 sleeps

I am aware it is the 18th of December and this is only the 4th blog for the month. I am getting tired of telling our life tales by typing and really want to talk to people. We have 16 more sleeps in Murgwanza, it is all too surreal. I am trying to pack up but just can’t get motivated. We have Mitchell’s birthday next Saturday, Christmas on Sunday, then New Year’s Eve and our farewell party. It is all very overwhelming. I am going to attempt to roast a leg of goat for Christmas and roast potatoes and have peas and carrots, not sure about gravy. This morning we had our firs....[ Read more ]

3 weeks to go

3 weeks today and we will be driving out of Murgwanza for the last time (for now only I hope). I am so full of mixed emotions and given to tearing up without warning. Sounds similar to when we arrived really!!! Last night we farewelled Jodi, a lovely Canadian lady - aka Friski the clown; Jodi has been here for 3 months working with Tumaini Fund. She was a joy to have around and will be sorely missed by many, especially the local kids as she has become known as Mama Pipi (pipi is lolly). It was a sad occasion made all the more distressing knowing that in 3 weeks it will be ....[ Read more ]

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